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Heading Details

michaelman asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-03-15
Hello, thanks for reading my question.

I was wondering if someone could explain what "heading details" were, and why they are required by some assemblers and not others.

I seem to remember trying to write a simple program, but it wouldnt assemble because it was requiring all this additional code (that didn't seem to make much sense to me).  Is this the same thing?

I hope my question makes sense.  I'm kinda new to assembly and have a lot of questions...

Thanks in advance.

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Provide an example, and I'll see.


The following code was included in MASM.  The file is called "minimum.asm", which leads me to believe its the smallest code that can be assebled (?).

At any rate, none of the tutorials I have read provide much information about the first few lines:

                 model tiny

                   org 100h
                   jmp start
                  mov ax, 4c00h
                  int 21h
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        org 100h

this tells the assembler that the code segment (area of memory that will hold the instructions as opposed to data) begins at address 100 hex.
org 100h simply means origin 100h.
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