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Accessing previous value in a combo box

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Last Modified: 2010-04-06
Hi All,
I have a case where I have about 4-5 combo boxes which have several values in each combo box. Now, I also have the condition that the item that you select in one combo box should not be the same as any one of the selections that you make in another combo box.
Eg: If you select "India" in one combo box, you cannot select "India" again in any of the other combo boxes.
Now, suppose I select "India" in one of the combo boxes. And, now in the second combo box I select "Australia". Now, again I try to select "India" in the second combo box again. This will invoke a Javascript function which will give me a message box saying it cannot be same as the first selection. This can be done. But, after this message is shown, how could you get back "Australia" that you selected "PREVIOUSLY" back into combo box 2?
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
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It seems that you will need to have variables to store previous values of each combo box, because you will need the same functionality for every combo box.

Now, the flow will be like:

1. When a value is selected in a combo box, check whether the same is selected in others.
2. If selected a unique value, store this value in the variable for this particular variable.
3. If selected a value that is already selected in others, assign variable's value to combo box, so that previous value is re-selected.

You may also use an array instead of having variables for each combo box, and use array index.

Hope, it will help.

Best of luck.

you can use hidden fields.

Btw, what language are you using?

<input type = "hidden" value = "name of combo box from the first iteration">
This will pass on the value to the next time the form is submitted.
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I answer the question with full code IMHO.

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