Something I don't know

Please look at the filter or effect in this pic:
How can do so?
and Is that make the pic easy for download and faster?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Photoshop, Save for Web, select GIF, hit the Interlaced checkbox. For JPEGs Save for Web, select JPEG, hit the Progressive checkbox. Progressive and Interlaced images ARE slightly larger than normal JPEG and GIF images so you should only use this if you have VERY large images, or customers on very slow dialup.
that image apperars to be a scan from drawing that has been desaturated.
making a photographic image appear genuinly drawn is hard to do, altough not impossable.
you can use somfilters to help smartblur will flattern out the areas where a photograph has picked up too much detail and a selection of filters will ad texture to a photo. but you might find yourself doing alot of manual brush work.
I don't see any filter on that image. It may be a scan, but could also have been computer drawn. What specifically were you after?
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ethar1Author Commented:
when you start download the pic, Its come in pixelized mode and come clear after a while. ( press Ctrl+F5 )

For more informative Please take a look at those picture in order:

That's not a filter. That's an effect of saving it as an Interlaced GIF. Interlaced GIFs are nice for larger images or for people on slow connections so that they can see a gritty "preview" of the image before they have to download the whole thing.

If you're on a fast connection and the image downloads quickly, you wont even see that ugly preview.
ethar1Author Commented:
I am a web master and I have more then 120K customers they donload many pics , And I want to save that pics in interlaced mode.
My question is how can do that?
and can I do it with jpg format?

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