Connecting a Modem to Cisco 2621XM

I am deploying a 2621XM router to a branch office.  I want to connect a modem to the Auxilliary port for OOB access to the router.  What do I need to set up on the modem ?  I appreciate there is a seperate section for modems but I think that this question is better suited here.  I suspect that there may some change in the initialisation string of the modem required from what I have been told.  Could someone help please ?  The router as I said is a 2621XM and the modem I want to use is a Multitech MT5634ZBA (Global) for use in germany.........

Many thanks in advance........
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let me let you in on a little secret for OOB access -
Connect the modem to the CONSOLE port, and not the AUX port.
The router must be fully up and operational to use the AUX port.
It can be stuck at rommon> and still give access to the Console port.
There is ZERO configuration of the port, just plug the modem into it.
Set the modem for auto-answer, 9600Baud, and turn off local echo
If you use a USR Sportster, I can give you the init string. You may have to read the manual that comes with the modem.
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