Broadcast monitor 'screen' ?!?

I need to get faster algorithm to capture from a secondary system and to display on mine. Alike a remote control but just to see , without control this system.

I intend to grab from the second monitor images and to stream it with DSPack library to mine. ( to let the teacher to see what do the students on their systems )

Can somebody to support me with tips how to capture faster the images from the second monitor and to prepare these to be streamed?

<b>It's possible to stream the second monitor video signal (not to capture every second a new desktop image ) ?</b>

I will like to have a real image from the second system monitor, alike that  this  monitor is connected directly to my system.

Can be find on net sample projects? I have one but big delays onrefreshing (long time spend with capturing)

Best regards,

P.S. Suplimentar points available
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andrewjbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know this isn't what you asked, but..... have you considered all other options first? Writing a whole new application for this seems unnecessary, if it's the results that you want, rather than the development experience...

Something like the free RealVNC lets you monitor and control a remote PC - that's reasonably quick - and I think the source is available.

There are already various companies offering similar stuff, specifically for teacher/student situations.

And have you considered simply using some form of monitor splitter box - especially if you're in a teaching classroom environment..
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
I see on net RealVNC, but wish to learn how to do this job. Just for me :)
You can get the sourcecode, I think..
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ginsonicAuthor Commented:
c++ :(
I don't use this language.
You're likely to be hard pushed to find a Delphi version. Isn't the C++ understandable enough to give you some ideas? I think they've various white papers and other documentation that describe how it all works, too.
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
I will take a look, but I don't know anything about C.
DragonSlayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a Delphi translation available, but the source hasn't been updated for a while:
You can check out RemoteOffice written in Delphi
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
Can't find the sources for RemoteOffice.
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