How to Uninstall Windows XP Professional when there is no uninstall listed on the remove settings control panel


I have Windows XP Home Edition and then I installed Windows XP Professional. I don't like it so now I cannot uninstall the XP Professional....Any advice on how to do this would be appreciated.

I did not get an uninstall nor is it listed in the Settings Remove Panel for me to remove..

Thanks for all help


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TheGafferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We all know about Microsoft and their thinking, these days.

Microsoft are dead against downgrades these days. XP Home is a downgrade in their opinion, as Home was always just a middle level platform to entice the home user. Once upgraded to Pro, they do not want to give an easy route back to a lower level.

If you are so set against XP Pro, then you will need to format and install Home again. That is easier said than done, unless you chose the FAT option when installing your original XP Home. If you chose NTFS then you will find it a little more difficult, as DOS Boot Disks will not recognise your HDD Partition.

I agree with Stealth, tho, what do you see that is wrong with Pro, with respect to Home? I have used both and my current system is sitting pretty with a Pro version.
There is this note in previos article:

NOTE: If you upgraded from Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, you cannot uninstall Windows XP.
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So, microsoft say that you cannot uninstall windows xp pro... all you can do now is try to make an install of windows xp home, over windows xp pro.... if that doesn't work, than you have to make a clean installation of windows xp home. If you don't know how to make clean instalation.. ask!!
Or just check out :)

Why do you not like Pro over Home edition however? For most home uses you will see very little difference between the 2
One way, which you may not want to do, would be to reformat your Hard Drive.  Only prob. w/ this is you'll loose all your data and such.  If you want, you can burn it to a CD, like your docs and stuff.  To reformat your HD, do the following:  Turn off your comp and start it again, and enter the BIOS.  (it varies by computers; its usually by, continuously, pressing either Delete or F2)  Anyway, once your in your BIOS, find the Boot section and under your boot devices, select the CD-ROM drive as your 1's boot device, and your Hard Drive (HDD) as your 2nd.  I"m assuming you've already saved your data..?.  Insert your Win. XP Home disk in the drive and then restart your comp.  You should enter a screen for installing WXP Home.  Go though the screens, and when it asks you if you want to partition your hard drive, select yes.  When you get to the formating part, be sure you choose your HDD, which is usually drive C.   Well, good luck w/ your XP thing...this is just a suggestion, and I"d only use it as a last resort, or if you have a viruse you can't get rid of.
Hello, I have a simular issue, I wanted to install XP Pro Dutch version as a 2nd option installed on my pc (Sony Vaio P4 3.8 Ghz)

It however did not install XP Pro completely as it said 'language file is not the same' and 'cannot continue' please abort !

Now I have 1 Home Edition and 1 half done xp Pro edition, it asks me at bootup which one i want to startup, if i select xp pro i come to the same result so i have to start in home.

Is there a simple way to delete the tried installation of xp (dual boot)

Many thanks in advance,
Hi Rene,
I'll be honest, I don't know very much about installing an OS in Dutch.  My suggestion would be to reformat you hard drive, but I don't know for sure if it will keep your XP home on there.  If you'd like to give it a shot, what you can do is, first, shut down your comp & restart and enter the BIOS..(usually thats by hitting the Delete or F2 key continuously; it's diff. by each comp. co, but since you have a Sony, and they prob. use INTEL motherboards, i'd say F2)  Once your in the BIOS, use your arrow keys and go to "Boot" (or something similar).  Under Boot, you can choose your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd boot devices; select your CD-ROM as your first, and Hard Drive (HDD) as your 2nd.  After that, be sure to select "Save changes & exit" and it will restart your comp.  Now you can insert your XP Pro. disk, and it should automatically come to a blue screen that will say something like "welcome to windows XP pro".  Follow the instructions on the screen and when you get to the screen for selecting which drive you want to format, choose your C drive.  After that, it should say "copying files" and will start copying XP.  After the installation is done, you can eject the disk and restart your comp.  I hope this helps, and if it doesn't, please feel free to respond, and I'd be happy to look into it more.  Good luck!
There is hardly any difference between Pro and Home, what dont you like about it? Pro has a few more features, but other than, its the same thing.
Well, that is not an option, the Sony  has some pre-installed features such as wide screen television and so on. The things on it cannot be formatted, i would like to know some simple option so that it will boot up in Home every time so i can use these features.

I can not choose now it will boot up and ask for a cd which it can not install cause of the language error :(

Isn't there something in the BIOS where i can say to boot up in Home every time instead of XP ?

The install was after all an dual boot feature not an upgrade to XP Pro.
RJ there is in fact a way to do this, boot.ini.  You really dont even need to know how to set it up. MS has a built in feature to do this for you. It will search your system for ALL windows installs and then give you a menu to select from during startup.  MS does have a nice page on this.;en-us;330184   Hope this helps and good luck
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