EXCHANGE 2003 can't receive and send email

i had setup small business server 2003 and installed exchange2003, but i can't receive email and sent email, i had a mxe record point to my ip already.

and when i use my other server to sent an email to test exchange 2003, it has this kinda error.
< 250 <>, Sender ok
> RCPT TO:<>
< 550 <>, Recipient unknown

if i use telnet to 25 and then type in:

Subject: test email

this message


it will work fine with telnet,. can any expert help me?
i am new to exchange, please provide me with more detail please..
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hcoltrainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok did you get the mail? I checked from my mail server and it seems that your Exchange Server took the mail the SMPT session log is listed below.

SMTP (576) >EHLO
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) Hello []
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-TURN
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-SIZE
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-ETRN
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-PIPELINING
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-DSN
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-8bitmime
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-BINARYMIME
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-CHUNKING
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-VRFY
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-X-LINK2STATE
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250-XEXCH50
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) 250 OK
20040326 130341       SMTP (576) >MAIL FROM:<>
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) 250 2.1.0 OK
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) >RCPT To:<>
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) 250 2.1.5
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) >DATA
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) >.
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) 250 2.6.0  <002301c4135c$a4e904b0$04b54042@mail> Queued mail for delivery
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) rdeliver (1) <> 1624
20040326 130342       SMTP (576) >QUIT
What is your domain name and IP address?
smantha1979Author Commented:
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smantha1979Author Commented:
if i use telnet to input an email, i can recieve in outlook,, but when i check the email, shows that the From:  To: "" Subject: test email and so on.. but "To " section is a null string.
Do you have a test E-mail address I could send to?
smantha1979Author Commented:
smantha1979Author Commented:
ah, i can receive email from you,, and i had reply back, can u received????????
i don't get it,, but i can't receive email from my other server,, i am sure my other server is working,,,
Can you receive mail from , say , Yahoo or msn or any other mail accounts? Is it just the one server you cannot receive mail from?

I did get your mail :)
smantha1979Author Commented:
i found out the problem,, the problem is that my old email server still have the domain listed, that's why i use the new server to send email to my older server doesn't work and my older server try to send an email that is local in the old server.. this take me days to try to find the problem,, :(
Glad to hear it.
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