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Loosing xls atachement on email i receive

When i receive e-mail with xls from certaint person the attachement is gone but when i test it everithnig seem ok

Where do i start to fix this problem

5 Solutions
For security and other reasons, many corporate email systems will not permit sending .xls attachments.
The three places you need to check are
1. The mail server that he is using to send email - does it permit .xls attachments?
2. Your mail server where you get mail. Does it run a spam filter that strips out attachments?
3. Your email client. Can you get .xls attachments from other people? MS Outlook express has a "feature" that strips out most attachments since they can hide worms.

what's ok?
>Thanx SunBow

In that case...
Try this:
Click Start->run->Regedit

to get to the registry
You can add or remove attachment file types to block by adding the following registry string values. If you are in a Microsoft Exchange environment and your administrator has configured the Outlook Security settings, ask the administrator to modify the security settings for your mailbox, they will override the settings in the registry.

The keys are found in the following registry sub-tree (9.0 = Outlook 2000 & 10.0 = Office XP):


Add the key (string value) Level1Add to insert additional file types to block at the client. Multiple file types must be separated by a ";". For example: com;exe;pif;

Add the key (string value) Level1Remove to allow a file type to be viewed within Outlook. While I cannot get confirmation of this, I believe that there is still a set of file types (perhaps Level 0) that this will not work for. So far, I've tested .exe, .com, and .vbs. All are still unviewable, even after adding their file extensions to Level1Add.

Level 2 file attachment classifications are valid only as part of an Outlook within Exchange environment. An administrator can only make changes to Level 2 file types at the Exchange level.

In addition, I am still experimenting with Outlook 2003. It appears (on my installation), that the .PFI extension (supposedly a default Level 1 "unsafe" file type) does not get blocked. I'm testing some settings to see if Outlook 2003 uses the same levels for e-mail blocking.

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use zip to send the xls file or change the .xls file extension to .xl and change it back once received.
Like lrmoore wrote, first check if you received any .XLS from someone else and if yes, redo a test to be sure you can still receive .XLS from this same person. If you can receive .XLS from someone but .XLS disappear from someone else on a near consecutive test, then the attachment is rejected (removed) before it even reaches your network or is simply virus infected and removed (or quarantined) by your antivirus. But like I said, don't take the fact it was working earlier (if it was), just test it again now (do a couple of receive tests in a short while) because some recent software install or virus or anything else could have changed without you knowing.

If no .XLS can be received anymore from anyone, then try what RDAdams wrote, but just rename the file with a non common extension (like .xl). If you receive the attachment then something filters .XLS extension (and maybe some other common extensions). Then check what sirbounty wrote if you use outlook/exchange or, if not using these, try to disable any anti-spam software, filters or message rules you can have.

ntsabmanAuthor Commented:
btw all you said is rigth but in this case i found that if the person send the email with netscape to some with winxppro and outlook the atachement dont go trougth update to outlook 2000 and the atachement are there thx for the help all
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