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LG DVD Super Multi DVD Multi Recorder/player combo CD Rom does not play CD Music

rjmehlhorn asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-12-16

New ShuttleX system with sound on MB.   Have not been able to get CD Music to play, even though some are the exact CD emblem as the book states.  Here is everything I've been sending to Asta and she's spent so much time with me on this.  I've fixed (ee help and her help) everything that was broken, and there was a lot.  This music CD thing is really driving us crazy.  Any ideas?  I think Asta has made a new question also, but not sure where.

I've tried just about everything and really appreciate your help.  The DVD multi-recorder super multi RW DVD and Compact Disk Rewritable combo drive says this in Windows XP explorer.
HL-DT-ST-DVDRAM GSA-4081B.  Windows Media player always says there is no disk in the drive or it does on to say this:
Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file.  Be sure the path is typed correctly.  If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location; or the computer where the file is stored is offline.  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!  I've checked time and again and eventually even Media Player lists the correct "numbers" of tracks on the CD, but no verbiage and nothing plays.  Always this same message.

It is AC97 audio with audio driver and the audio controller is intel ich5 and the ac97 codec is acc650.  I've removed the MCI stuff from the registry, rebooted and still no change.

This is the software that came with the DVD, and I've updated it to the most recent version, but it doesn't help whatsoever. When I search its help files for audio CDs, this is all it says..

An AutoPlayCD is one that has both a player (B's Player) and compressed audio files, such as MP3/MP3PRO, WMA and TwinVQ, recorded onto it. It will automatically launch the player and play when inserted into a CD-ROM drive. You can create compressed audio files from audio CDs using the Rip function.

Points to Keep in Mind
An AutoPlayCD cannot be played on standard audio CD players.
You cannot create an AutoPlayCD without first creating an album list using B's Player or when ripping an audio CD using the Rip function. Refer to The Rip Function for more details on the Rip function and B's Player for more details on B's Player.

The following procedure explains how to create an AutoPlayCD on the assumption that you have already prepared an album list using B's Player.

1. Launch B's Recorder GOLD. If the Wizard appears, click [Close].
2. Select [Tool] -> [Create AutoPlay CD] from the menu bar to open the AutoPlayCD Wizard.  
3. Insert a blank disc into the drive, then click [Next].  
4. A window displaying the B's Player album lists on your hard drive appears. Select the album list for the disc to be recorded, then click [Next]. You can continue adding play lists until the [Used] exceeds [Free].
Press the [Shift] or [Ctrl] keys to make multiple selections.  
5. Input the Volume Name.
6. Drag and drop the album lists to change their play order.
You can change the play order of the albums, not the tracks in the albums.
Click [Play] to play the tracks in the album lists using B's Player and confirm their order.  
7. Click [Finish] when all the settings are complete.
8. Complete the settings on the Recording window, then click [Start].
9. A prompt appears when recording is complete. Click [OK].  

No idea what this has to do with anything.  Thanks to CrazyOne, I installed aida32 which helps give more detail on my new system, but it hasn't helped me resolve this.  Any ideas that work are appreciated.

Since the sound is integrated on the MB, not sure if an audio cable for this mixed DVD/CDROM drive is needed or not or if it's connected.  

BIOS is Phoenix Award bios v. 6 BIOS Properties      
BIOS Type      Award
Award BIOS Type      Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Award BIOS Message      (FB62S00G) Intel Springdale-G+ICH5R
System BIOS Date      09/17/03
Video BIOS Date      03/12/20
BIOS Manufacturer      
Company Name      Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Product Information      http://www.phoenix.com/en/products/default.htm

I found a cdrom.inf file for what appears to be driver version 512535 from MS 7001, should I do something with this?  I think not, since data CDs work fine and I can see things in the XP explorer window.  Device Properties      
Driver Description      HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4081B
Driver Date      7/1/2001
Driver Version      5.1.2535.0
Driver Provider      Microsoft
INF File      cdrom.inf

Again, thanks for you help.

Asta asked me to post more details, so this is it.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

Thanks for posting the detail; no time this morning.  Hopefully others will have a clue here.  I'll check back when time permits.
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mpalyer2 said this:  Cannot play back the file.  The format is not supported. (Error=80040265).  Asta and I talked and she'll be burning a CD for me, this is a slow line for downloading large files.  Then I'll try other players.  She also had me check what folders in Windows XP and file types were associated with what, and that may be part of the problem too.  

What's so strange is that I deleted the wrong information for .cda file types which these music CDs all look to be, but then when I try to create a Play with file type and check DDE, don't know what else I have to put.  Does this help?


More points I think, so increased to 300.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

Hi, thanks.  You've tried everything all to no avail and are now installing Windows XP Home over itself and indicated that with only 13 minutes to go, with warnings that your Realtek AC97 certificates weren't digitally signed and other compatibility issues and now locked up with UNREGMP2.EXE entry point GetIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library mstart.dll.  Need to so do research on this, perhaps  HeathAdams has some ideas as well.  Hold off, on prior XP reinstalls, if it hung, had to uninstall the culprits.  We may need to take actions in Safe Mode.  Looking through MS
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

The reinstall finalized after a long long wait, but now there is no CD, no DVD, no MOdem and the beat goes on.  We'll need to reinstall SP 1 for XP and "hope" that's the fix.  This is the link for this DVD/CD-Rom drive where the problems began.  The reinstall of XP Home said that the DVD-Rom was incompatible drivers, etc.
Technical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004
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Thanks all for the help so far.  Here is the Email information from Asta, I think we're getting somewhere and hopefully this pasted information will help you help me.  I'll be returning tomorrow and checking things out.

Paste from Asta's note:  I sat in front of another upgraded Windows XP Home system that plays CDs well, though a whole different sound-system environment.  Here are the differences I've found.  He's missing some Audio Codecs I have, but that doesn't seem to be the primary problem; AND I can get Music CDs to play "IF" I use real player and it 'saves' the tracks first. I found that his mcicda.dll had no tie to his CD player as the working system had; it had a link in properties/settings to the CD-Rom machine, his doesn't.  I then tried to register this dll and this was the response:  
--->   mcicda.dll was loaded, but DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.  The file cannot be registered.

In the MSKB found a hit for this error (a few of them) is that I found some MS articles that talked about some potentially related files that need to be re-registered so re-registered a ton of DLLs, and when I finally got to the one key file the mcicda.dll file and tried to register it got the same response.  Also ran sfc /scannow again and said the system files had to be added to cache (again) and this process took a while, but again, no change in the behavior for Music CDs, nor for this dll.

Does this add any clues?



Asta has fixed all the problems and I thank everyone.  Per her recommendation, I am closing this.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

Thanks!  We did a lot of things, but to recap
1) reinstalled XP over itself to keep things you need
2) reinstalled all the updates for XP and IE as the OfficeUpdate in process
3) uninstalled/reinstalled Direct X
4)  "  Media Player
5) audio codecs from MP 6.2, 7 and 9
6) manually added registry items for MCI and MCI extensions in the NT segment of the Registry
7) updated drivers
8) installed new RealPlayer
9) uninstalled conflicting players and interfaces
10) standard maintenance such as sfc /scannow and disk cleanup and checks

There was more, but this recap should do it for now.
":0) Asta
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