Reciprocal Link Checker??

I Would like to have a Add A Link section with diffrent diretories ( Car, Games, Internet..etc).. and the user goes to the section they want to add their url/link and clicks add link....after they enter the url/infomation,,the script(perl) checks for the reciprocal link at the specified location and returns a error saying no  reciprocal  found at (url) location, please fix.. if the have one it post the link

Anyone know where a I find a FREE script like this..or help me write it..
I tried writing it, but my perl exprinece is a big 0. So it ended up being a cut n paste from other scripts and dont want to know...

Thank you,
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You definitely should check out

Their product Links 2.0 does (almost) exactly what you want. Features include:

- Full Database Control: Add, remove, modify and search on both your category and your links databases using DBMan's powerful database engine.
- Build Static Pages: Don't destroy your server by running a dynamic directory -- Links creates static htm pages just like Yahoo ® and CGI-Resources.
- Complete Customization: Links has two levels of customizations. For the novice user, there are Templates. You simply edit the look of your site using a regular htm editor, and insert tags for the parts where Links should put its information. All aspects of your site, even down to how a Link should look can be edited with templates. For the advanced user, you can edit a perl library file which has all the htm in it allowing you to easily add in small code snippets.
- Validating Links: Links let's you preview all links before they are entered into the database. Before adding them in you can edit any aspect of the link. If you accept the link, a custom email notice will be sent to the link owner. If you reject the link, again, a custom rejection notice is sent.
- Database Maintenance: Make sure all your links are in a proper category and move batches of links around to different categories with just a few mouse clicks.

The excelent developer-forum (that I visited very often in my perl-time) will help you out in modifying the standard "does this website exists" feature into a reciprocal link-checker. The only thing you'll probably need to add is "is my url mentioned on this page" Setting this up cron is no problem. I actually still have two websites that are maintained by a (very very heavily) modified version of Links2.0.

Caiapfas -

Not sure that you really want to do this.  What will happen users will place the reciprocal link for the minute or two it will take to get in your directory and check it's existence - then remove it.

The standard way to do this is to run a crontab script weekly and delete the directory entries for which there are no reciprocal links.  Explain on the page that reciprocals are routinely checked - so users no what to expect.

For scripts - search on Google for - reciprocal link check crontab

- duz
CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
yes, i would like the script to check for the links weekly , automaticlly
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You will find it hard to get a free script.

The following is a script that will do the job for you, but it is $50 or so:

This is very simple to do, tell me these things listed below and I will write you a quick script...

1. language you want it in.... Perl, PHP, ASP
2. How will you store the new links.... db, flat text file
3. How are the links stored.... db, flat text file (question 2 should answer this!)
4. If you want to use a db, tell me the type you are using...
5. You want the following.....


1. add new link
2. remove link
3. search links

cron tasks
3. cron job -> verify links!

I would store the links in a text file or db, this way you can use a single script (template driven), to (add, modify and view links) it makes things so much easier to manage!

Note: My script will not contain fancy templates, just the core code and the $var(s) that you can access in each template!

CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
Thank you
1. perl
2. flat file

yes to all

1. add new link (in diffrent sections, if possible)or would this be in the templates?
2. remove link
3. search links/my web site (a pulldown)search links and Search site
heres the parmeters for my present search engine
<input type="hidden" name="Range" value="Any">
<input type="hidden" name="Format" value="Standard">
<INPUT NAME="terms" SIZE="22" MAXSIZE="40" VALUE="" />
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="GO" name="submit" />

cron tasks
3. cron job -> verify Reciprocal  links!

once again thank you my friend.

CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
any ideas?
Forgot to mention the System requirements

- Current version of Perl 5 (version 5.004 or better),
- An installed LWP module and Net::FTP module if you want to use the verify links routine (which you do!). This module (like most) can be retrieved from CPAN.
CaiapfasAuthor Commented:

the only issue is i'm using this add a cheap, but nice linkexchage for users, the only profit for me would be advertisement and a link on a page , more than likely with a low pagerank..

so i wanted to find a freebie, surely on the net they have one out there,..

I'm still trying to perfect my personal written one..

>> the only issue is i'm using this add a cheap, but nice linkexchage for users, the only profit for me would be advertisement and a link on a page , more than likely with a low pagerank..

Sorry, but I didn't understand what you are writing here :) But if your looking for something cheap, free isn't cheap enough? For Links SQL you'll need to pay, but Links 2.0 can be downloaded for free. (That's the reason why I still have 2 websites running Links 2.0)

And like I wrote before: I personally leared 'good perl' by adding and tweaking Links so much that my versions can't be called Links anymore. Take the time to have a look at the demo and peek in the developer forum; you'll for sure find exactly what you are looking for. Really; if I could spend 40 minutes of my time on your question, I could really tweak Links. It's that easy.

CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
i cant find the download link, can you post it?
After clicking Products, Links 2.0, and Download I got to the page. So I don't understand the 'cant find' part...
Isn't it time to close this question? It's getting pretty old...
CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
it says evaluate the program, does that have some type of time protection? to lock you out after so long?
It won't lock you out! Didn't it say: "Links is the only program in its class that lets you download the source and setup your directory to give you the chance to truly evaluate the program. Don't get stuck with poorly coded software that may fall apart after a month, or may not even work on your server!" So you can do everythinh you want, unlimited... (as long as you use it for academic purposes; for commercial purposes you should register yourself...
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