calling an swf !!

you can see it right.

Now go to access china, click 360 view, now you are taken to the same URL but you get a http error.

What is wrong do you know?

This is the code (flash) that is called on the web page when you click 360..

    getURL ("", interfaceTarget.interfaceHolder,"POST");
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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
actually..sorry.. that's not it..your syntax is correct..however

using getURL supports 3 parameters 2 being optional
the first is the url..
second (optional) the window..if not specified..window is.._blank
three (optional)..method get or post

so..interfaceTarget.interfaceHolder.. is not a valid parameter and you will get a new window...not your swf loading into the main movie.

so the method to use
i see your previous question and suggest..

_root.loadMovie("", _root.interfaceTarget.interfaceHolder, "POST");

finnstoneAuthor Commented:
The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access.

Please try the following:

Contact the Web site administrator if you believe that this request should be allowed.
Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly.
HTTP Error 405 - The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.
Internet Information Services (IIS)
take the quotes off .. POST
and put them around the target ( a good idea in the target path)

getURL ("", "_root.interfaceTarget.interfaceHolder", POST);

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Sorry Z, I didn't know you were giving suggstions for the other Q over here.  I was just in that one messing around with it, and posted what I found to be the solution.  Anyway, then I came over to see if this one was getting anywhere, and boom, looks like you've posted something pretty similar.

finnstoneAuthor Commented:
zeff, i  used your code, but now my variables are not sent to creation.swf??
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
this is an improvemnt because at least it is being loaded, but the way you have coded has made the POST uneffective??
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
its working now. ill award points soon. you guys are my saviors. i  used global for the variables instead of root once i had your fix in place.
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