Opera won't show any of the images in entire website

I just started to use Opera for the first time. I downloaded version 7.

On this site, www.beraca.com, it doesn't show any of the images. I don't have this problem in IE or NN.


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BrianPap22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They all look perfectly fine for me in both Opera 7.23 and Opera 7.50PR3.

Maybe you turned images off by mistake?

Go to the View menu, Style - make sure it is set to Author mode.
polaatxAuthor Commented:
This site too: http://cobbhabitat.org/

And here too: http://aasg.info/

This is weird.
Any others?
Just kidding :-)

Must be either a bug in your download or a preferences issue - they all show up for me.
I'll see if anything turns up in the meantime...
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