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Lacie Pocket Drive not recognized in Win XP

dataman asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-10

I want to connect a lacie pocket drive (40 GB) to my notebook using a USB2.0 channel but this seems not to work. Win XP (home edition) does not recognize my PocketDrive. I installed the USB2.0 drivers which came together with the Pocket Drive. When I connect the drive to my USB1.1 ports the drive is recognized without problems. The USB2.0 channels are provided by an adaptec PCMCIA card (USB2Connect) but it seems that this card is working properly. I can connect a PenDrive to it without problems.

Does anyone recognizes this problem ?
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if it is a USB 2 hard drive and it can be detected correctly on a USB 1.1 connector, it shall work equally well with a good USB 2 connector. if you unplug it from the USB 1.1 port and then plug it to the USB 2 port, sometimes it might not work well. try uninstalling the HDD first, and then plug it to the USB 2 port. that will re-install the driver for USB mass storage drive and shall recognize your newly plugged HDD well.

hope this helps.


I re-installed the mass-storgae drive but this doesn't help. It's a strange situation. When connecting my pocket drive , I hear the beep indicating that the drive has been recognized. If I check the device manager , the HDD has been recognized but I don't get a drive letter in my explorer... My notebook becomes also very slow when the Pocket Drive is connected. It seems that the OS is trying something with my Pocket Drive ...

sounds like your system driver is outdated or corrupted. if you have the Windows disk, I'd suggest you to download the driver and try again. alternatively you may want to try their driver from http://www.lacie.com/support/drivers/, the file URL is http://www.lacie.com/download/drivers/LaCie_USB_Driver_Install.zip

hope this helps.


Hi ,

I already downloaded the newest USB drivers from the website of microsoft but this doesn't help. I alos installed the lacie drivers but this helps neither. A firmware update of the pocketdrive also didn't help... When connecting to the USB2.0 channel I can see that the pocket drive is switched off ...

hmmm...it could be a possibility that your physical USB port or data link of the drive is defective, or it might also be that the USB drive sucks too much power or bandwidth and drags the entire system down. did you try it on a working USB 2 port of another PC? does it work? if it doesn't work elsewhere, the drive connector might have been defective. if it works, it might be a result of the power and/or bandwidth consumption of your USB drive that caused the problem.


I found the problem! after finding out that the drive and the USB2connect card were working properly working on other systems I +figured out that the problem was hardware related. Or there was a problem with my Cardbus controller or there was a problem with my Bios. After searching some time on the web I found two interesting sites describing similar problems. There seems to be a problem with the standard drivers for the O2Micro cardbus controllers(and my acer aspire notebook does have such a controller). Updating this driver solved the problem :) . (http://www.everythingusb.com/forums/ + http://home.insightbb.com/~scottlandon/)

Anyway thanks for the ideas!

np ^^;;

~~ freshair ~~
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