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How can I check my VPN performance

Carlos-jm asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-12
Hi everyone

Portugal Telecom installed a VPN linking my 2 offices.

They used 2 Cisco routers.

On office "A" they installed a DSL access with 1024/256 Kbits on office "B" they installed a DSL access with 512/128 Kbits

I don't know if I'm wrong but shouldn't be the same on both ends ???? The VPN is not going to work with the slower speed 128 Kbits ????

The project manager said that as the DataBase server is on the "A" side it should have a larger bandwith. ?????????????? why a larger bandwith if on the other
side it has only 128 Kbits to receive ??????????

What I want is if someone can give me a link to a software that could test 24/7 the speed and performace of my VPN and generate a log so I can get a report out of it.

I'm having lot's of problems because sometimes the remote access is OK and sometimes it is very very slow

Thank you
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Your project manager is right.  the 1024/256 usually means, in DSL terms, 1024 Download/256 Upload

So, when site"b" is trying to get something from Site"A", the bottleneck in this case is actually the 256k Upload limit on site"A".

As far as slow speed is concerned, it really depends on what else you are utilizing the DSL line for.  If you are also using it for emails/Internet access, then obviously the speed will vary.  Also, the speed will drastically decrease if the DataBase server is working overtime trying to push to site"B"

As far as testing is concerned, I wouldn't try anything 24/7.  Since you already know that bandwidth is golden, you shouldn't try to hog it up with more testing, unless you are suspecting something.  You can probably use a scheduler that incorporates a time command, a copy command, and another time command to figure out how long it takes let's say, 1MB, of data to be copied over...

- Info


Thank you for your post.

So the Project manager is right, OK

The internet access and email is made thru the VPN but it is a very small amount of trafic almost none.

My problem is that on the "B" side when they try to work with information from the "A" side what hapens is that :

- On the same day sometimes they work great almost has if they where working localy and sometimes they take more than 4 minutes to open a record
  on the database that 30 minutes ago took 5 seconds to open.

- Just last friday they nearly killed me because it took 40 minutes to process the emploies payroll and it usually should take about 5 minutes
  in the simulation I did when the system was installed it took about 5 minutes

- I monitored everyones work to see if someone was using internet or email and no used it

- Portugal Telecom say that it is everything ok and the problem is not whith them

- I bought WHATS UP GOLD because a friend told me that it can do the tests i need, he also told me not to do 24/7 tests has you did also.

- I'm now trying to learn how to use Whats Up Gold if you can give me a tip I woul be glad.

- I don't think that the problem is about my system and I need a log to confront Portugal Telecom showing the different speeds I'm geting

Thank You

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