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How do I copy selected Lotus Notes e-mail onto a CD-ROM

SP_fan asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Question from work:

We use Lotus Notes 5.0.8 June 18, 2001, here at work.

I need to save space on my too-small 6-gig hard drive, so
I want to copy all of what I have archived in Lotus Notes
onto a CD-ROM (or several CD-ROMs, if that is necessary).  
I looked in Lotus Notes Help, but found nothing to help me.

Can I copy something other than a Shortcut onto a CD-ROM?
I tried dragging the icon onto the F drive icon, several times,
but all that copied was a Shortcut.

Please: I am not an expert, so keep your answer simple.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Bozzie4IT Architect

You can copy your archive to cd-rom.

First, update all indexes etc. in Notes : open the archive, press CTRL-SHIFT-F9.  Then, compact the archive, so it reduces unused space.
Then, burn the file to a cd.
Open the Explorer (file explorer), go to the Notes Data directory (that's probably something like c:\program files\lotus\notes\data), locate your archive file, and drag-and-drop that to your CD.
Of course, if it's too big for 1 cd, you'll need to split/compress it first.


Bozzie4IT Architect

The aim of updating the indexes first, is to be able to use the archive directly from cdrom, btw.  If you need to zip it first before you burn it, this is not necessary.


Should the ACL be set to reader. Default too?
No experience on my side, but I think I remembered that as part of the solution....
Bozzie4IT Architect

Ah yes, that may good idea, to set the default access to reader.  It depends, though.   If your data is sensitive, I wouldn't do that.

Especially if you have encrypted messages, you should always keep your id file !


This technote details indepth on how to put databases on cd as read only use




Thanks, Tom, for the helpful reply, but:

How do I compact Lotus Notes??  Is this the same as
"zipping" the thing??

I could not find anything in the Help function of Lotus
Notes that would tell me how to compress anything.
(I said I was not an expert!  : )   )

Also: what is the "ACL"?   I do not have any really sensitive
info on Lotus Notes.  I think I have my ID file....it is on a
floppy, though....methinks I should copy it to a CD.

I look forward to your help!
Bozzie4IT Architect

Open the database, and open the database properties box.  (ALT-Enter, for instance).  Goto the 'I' tab, and select compact.  That's all - it doesn't 'zip' the file, it only removes whitespace (so the file becomes smaller).

If it's your mailfile, you are probably manager.  If you keep your id file, you should always be able to open the file if you can find a Notes client, so including the id file on the cd rom is a good idea.

You can open the ACL (Access Control List) by selecting the database (in Notes client of course), and choosing File/Database/Access Control.  You could change the 'default' entry to manager, although it's not really necessary (as long as 'enforce consistent ACL is not checked, on the Advanced tab in the ACL box)).  Don't change it to manager ,if the database you are putting on a CDrom is replicated to a server, though !  Everybody would be able to read, edit , delete all mails, and could even delete the whole database....




Another question just occurred to me:

When I follow all the steps in the link Hemanth so kindly
provided, and successfully copy Lotus Notes to a
REWRITABLE CD, can this be over-written when I want to
back up Lotus Notes in the future?  (I kinda do not think so,
if the only way I can ever copy Lotus Notes is to make a read-only copy.)

I want to be able to back up Lotus Notes so I can delete the Archive
from my much-too-small 6-gig hard drive, but I want to be able to do
so in such a way that I can regularly over-write the old version I put on a CD
with a newer version that has the latest batch of messages.

Can I do this?  Or do I just have to keep using another CD?

And how do I compress my Lotus Notes Archive?

Thanks in advance for your help!


If it turns out that I cannot over-write a read-only Lotus
Notes copy with a newer one, that is OK:  I will just make
a couple of copies onto CDs and then make a copy of a newer
version of my Archives onto another CD, then erase everything
on the CDs containing the copies of the older Archive.

It still would be easier for me to be able to over-write
an older version of an Archive with a newer version, but I will
just work around any obstacles, such as the "read-only" version
that is probably all I can make.



How do I tell if my Lotus Notes database is replicated to a
server here at work?  I do not ever recall ever Replicating
any part of my Lotus Notes database.

I just checked to see what was in the field that might have
"Manager"selected, and "No access" was selected.  :)



I clicked on the link you so kindly provided, and I now have a window open with
the title: "How to Put a Notes Database on a CD".

I would like to make a full-text index of my Lotus Notes database, but I have nothing
under "File" labeled "Full Text Search" in my version of Lotus Notes.
Nothing.  Now what do I do??
It is on the database properties.. this has more hidden management tools/tasks like compact, full text index, encryption.. FT Index is on last but first tab.. Here you click on Create Index. When this is done the views searches can be fast



Thanks!  I found the FT index and made an Index.
But I cannot find where my computer put the
"DATABASE.FT" file.  I know I have to change the
file name, and was going to do that, but I cannot
because I can't find the file.  I did the "Find - Folder"
thing, and it couldn't find anything.

Now what do I do?  (I would ask someone here at work,
but it takes far too long for someone to work tbeir way
through all the Repair (& etc.) tickets + they do not always
know what they are doing.)

Thanks in advance!

Look into data directory, it will be databasename.ft


Where is the "data directory"??  I can't find it.

(I really wish I didn't have to ask all these dumb questions,
but I never was trained in Lotus Notes, nor was I ever given
any proper reference books that would answer qurestions
such as these.)
It is subdir of notes program directory..And Notes Program dir is where your notes executable is installed


Is it enough to just simply Copy & Paste the directory in the same location?
I clicked on "Edit-Copy" then "Edit-Paste", and now have a file named
"Copy of [databasename].ft".

Should I have done this?  If not, I will simply delete the Copy.
Just rename it so that there is not . in the directory name and there is no need to copy


OK - I renamed the file.

Here is what the IBM site tech note said to do next, which I have no idea
whatever how to do:

"3. Do an operating system level copy (such as using the DOS or OS/2 COPY command)
of the .NSF file from the writeable media which you are currently using onto the media
which will be used to press the CD or other read-only media. Be sure that you do an
operating system level copy during this step and not a File - Database - Copy from within
Notes as using Notes to copy the database will remove the view indexes."

Good heavens - backing up Lotus Notes ( = copying it onto a CD) is really complicated!!

What do I do next??  I thought the "writeable media" was the CD I am trying to copy onto.
could it also be the C Drive?

Not C Drive ..

Just select the database from data dir and copy it then goto cd-rom drive and paste
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Thank you very much for the wonderful instructions!  This all looked
to me to be rather complicated........I can handle it, but I would much
rather have a much bigger hard drive, but my boss is not going to
approve that for us yet.  Sheesh, my computer at home has a 20-gig
hard drive, and that is 2 years old already!

Just gotta wait faster!  : )

I will try what you suggest later - I have a very important and rather large
job to do ASAP that has nothing to do with computers, other than using
mine to get info - and I will let you know how it worked.  Please be patient
while I find the time to go through all this rigamarole to back up my Lotus Notes

THANKS to ALL of you for all your most gracious help!  : )

EE is the greatest!  :)
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