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Win2000 CDROM Boot Disk

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
I just installed some new software on my Win2000 box and I had to restart. But now I cannot boot into Win2000. It seems my boot loader it completly rooted. Ok the easy way to do this would be to make a boot disk... but
a) I don't have the Win2000 CD around.
b) The only computer, the one I am using now doesn't have a floppy drive. Why would you ever need one... execpt for Windows of course!
Basically all I am asking is how to make the 4 bootable floppy's of the Win2000 book disk into one bootable CD?
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Hi confusedmoron,

To make a CD youll have to do it when logged into the OS..


In order for that to work I need to be logged onto a Win2000 box? I am on XP pro at the moment...
Also I was looking at http://www.thetechguide.com/win2kbootcd/ it seems to me you need the Win2000 disk?
Thats right.. youll need the OS CD to make a bootable CD.. Theres no way to just copy files from the harddisk to make this happend. So i guess youre stuck with the disks..
A tutorial on the bootable CD issue: http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd/
Recovery disk: http://www.brienposey.com/kb/making_a_win2k_recovery_disk.asp
Not sure that i got you right but.. You can still create the boot floppys without the CD..!


Sorry if I wasn't clear on this but I don't have a floppy drive in this computer... So I need a way to put 4 floppy images onto one CD?
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Thanks! Sorry about the delay for this response I'll give you a few more points.

How long till floppy's are completly gone I wonder?
:-) No probs, glad i could be of some assistance...
I dont think well get totally rid of floppys in some years yet.. theres even been some attempt of making a floppy of 3-4 MB a standard, but that didn`t work out..
Until some CD or Flashcard is ready to replace all of its functionality and ease of use it wont dissappear..
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