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Need help finding correct motherboard on newegg

NightlBladeX asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
It's foolish to ask..I know but I am new to all of this,and am trying to find all of the parts I need on the newegg website. I am having big trouble finding this exact motherboard on newegg. The motherboard I want to buy is located here

And the processor I would like to pair it with it here.

I have been looking for that exact type of motherboard for a day now and have not been able to find it on newegg's website. I want the motherboard only from newegg as that is where I am going to get all of my parts from in a bundle.
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At newegg I see alot of bad comments for this board :/. Did not see that at tigerdirect. Would you happen to know of a better board that is like this one as well? I need a good budget board. One perfect for gaming,and as well running applications and such. Or are the people giving bad comments at newegg just taking it too far? If you can find a better one for me around at least $80 that will be perfectly compatible with the Processor I am getting I would greatly appreciate it. :)

it still has 4 outta 5 stars? The good reviews out way the bad reviews and it sounds like the problems are the hardware the other ppl have chosen with it that cause the problems, not the board.

If you want a different board I recommend:

Excellent all round board for Memory Support and Overclocking. Have used this board 8 times this month and no quibbles from clients.
Here is a review from a guy who purchased from Newegg....


It just so happens I was going to reccommend looking at the Epox Motherboard, but I think you would be just as well off going for the ASUS who have a great reputation.


Lastly.. :) I plan to also get a powersupply with my new setup. And planned to get this one. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=17-103-432&depa=0

But ugh,it is so darn high in price and I had tried to remain on a budget. That pushed me a bit over the budget. Someone had told me it should have only been around $60. But it seems it is not. I need at least a 460 w from what I gathered. Is this as cheap as they can get at those watts? Or am I looking at the wrong Enermax? Antec...I am not even going to bother with sadly. I have heard too many people state they blew up on them and took all pc parts with it. :/

You dont really need 460W, tbh. Most systems only need a Max of 400.

You System being new wont go over 400W unless you have loads of components installed (more than an average PC).

I'd recommend:

Its an Antec and I have it in some of my own systems. It very very good and reliable imo.

That PSU is 430W and has 5/5 Score.


I planned on getting





And the motherboard you helped me find :). I am going to take my 80gb hd from my current system and put it into my new system along with my DVD drive,floppy,modem card,ethernet card,sound card,and Radeon 9600xt. I added all of them up at this powersupply analysis website here http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/
And that is why I had thought I needed a 460W. Hehe,sorry I am new to all of this so forgive me if I did not list the items of my pc correctly.

Nah, you need 309 Watts according to that?

May I recommend you spend just a little more on some DDR400 (PC3200) Ram. Its only a bit more and its worth getting cos it will be very effecient in overclocking and will do no end on the nForce2 Board and Barton CPU in Performance :D.

Just hope this PC is gonna be good for ya!

When you get the PC, use it normally for a few days, then set the FSB to 200 (400mhz) and the CPU will run at 3200+ no problems!

o yah, please feel free to accept my answer buddy ;)


Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help ^.^

no prob
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