How to catch a VBA collection object into a Delphi array

Hi Experts,

I want to improve the performance of a Delphi code that reads and writes from and to an Excel workbook.

In this workbook the cells of interest are given names, and these names thus form a collection object "Names" in VBA. Using VBA the names object can simply be read into a variant as an array by:
  " Set MyArray = ActiveWorkbook.names ". However, in Delphi (D4,D7 and using ExcelXP) I was unsuccessful to the assignment done (MyArray defined as vaiant or OleVariant).

I have tried the statements :  MyArray := Wrkbook.names as ExcelXp.names
                                          or          := Wrkbook.names as names
                                          or          := Wrkbook.names  
                                          or even  := VarArrayof([Wrkbook.names]),  all without success.

Instead I now use the following code to read in the
   With WorkBk.Names DO
    For I := 0 to N-1 DO
      with item(i+1,emptyparam,emptyparam) DO
         ExcelNamesArray[I]    := name_;
         ExcelNamesArray_RC[I] := referstoR1C1;
         ExcelValuesArray[I]       := referstorange.value

I'd rather read and write all as an array, but perhaps this is impossible. I don't know.

The cells in the workbook are non-adjacent (unfortunately) and what I want is to read their names, their value and their ReferstoR1C1 properties into fast Delphi arrays. After a Delphi treatment the data is to be written back into the named cells in Excel.

Can anybody put me on the right track to do this efficiently, to get a fast performance, since it concerns a large number of individual cells in Excel.

Many thanks already,

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Delphi creates a wrapper around the OCX, and because Names is an interface in delphi, you will need an interface construct for an enumeration object....

JGMSAuthor Commented:
Thanks Shane,

I have looked at the thread an copied the sample code to get the VB collections in Delphi. It does not compile since "CollectLib_TLB" is missing.
Any suggestions how to proceed?

Regards, JGMS
Did you try removing that from the uses clasue and compiling?

JGMSAuthor Commented:
Yes I did.
When compiling it says:
[Error] UCollect.pas(57): Declaration of 'Next' differs from declaration in interface 'IEnumVariant'
The declaration function reads:
      function Next(celt: Longint; out elt; pceltFetched: PLongint): HResult; stdcall;
whereas down in the code the celt parameter was assigned of Integer type. However, making it LonInt does has no effect.
The same error remains.

I quess the type library is needed anyway, don't you?

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