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how to send from multiple accounts?

trip008 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
i have two email accts set up in outlook. the main one connects to an exchange server.  the second one is pop3. all inbound email is working fine, but when i reply to email, all email is sent out as if it's coming from the exchnage acct.  is there anyway of modifying this??  if i am responding to an email sent to me at the address of the pop3 acct, i want my response to have the pop3 acct as the "from" field...

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Sure.  Add the POP email address as a secondary address to the exchange account.  Then select that in the FROM field when replying or sending.  If FROM is not displayed, you can click the View menu and display it.


i've tried that. unfortunately outlook keeps giving me an error saying that i am "not authorized" to send email on the behalf of that address


You are not authorized because that address is not set up as a secondary on the ES.


but the address is not an address from exchange.  it is a pop3 acct.
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I've tried this many times as well (on OL 2000 w/ Exch 2000) and there is no way to send e-mail out on the POP3 acct when you've set OL2000 up as an exchange client.

The way I've gotten around it is by using another e-mail program.....but then you lose the features of exchange and outlook.....

good luck


I have done this with Exch 4.5 and OL2k and it worked well.

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what B are you referring to?

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