Is this php?

I purchased a set of php scripts.  Many of are encrypted via ioncube, but there are some editable templates.

Located on one of the templates is this:


Is this some form of php?  If not, what is it?

My intention is to make an 'else' after this: if person is logged in, they get menu.template (which works right now), but if they are not logged in, they get 'menu_not_logged_in.template'.  I haven't been able to figure out how do to that.....    <%if(!login)%> and some different variations on that, but that didn't work.  Anyone know what this is and how I make it do what I want?

Thanks,     Chris
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BAlexandrovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is not also ASP nor JSP
It is possible that this is custom syntax for this application only.

I suppose php tags are included in  <? ?>
They may be jsp or asp tags..
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No. That is not PHP.
Actually you can use ASP style tags <%%> for PHP but you have to set it first in the PHP ini file, so it is possible (if a bad idea) to use % tags. This said, the <% /if%> is not a PHP syntax.
Looks like custom tags, so I would say its another pre-processor, looks a lot like cold fusion?
Is custom syntax for this application only, just a way of setting things in the template, take a look at the website docs, it will help. :)
Can you provide a bit more code...

I would think it was php but developed on a server that allowed use of asp tags. (bad coder)

AFAIK php is the only common web language to have a function include( ) unless of course this is a custom written one.

It's deffo not VB as the if statement would not have brackets and would have a "then" ( if x then ), it would also need an "End If".

If include is a custom fuction then it could be java (jsp) or C# (

Like i said, print more code! at least 10 lines or more.
Sorry just to add...

It seems the if conditional does not have { }, I'm not sure if php allows for if statements without curly braces but java does and most likey so does C#..
once again, like everyone else; its not php.

<? php ?>
<% asp %>

these are the sort tags for them. you could do it really long and go for

<script language="php">

<script language="asp">

they are just different way of indicating the script start/end.
they are part of asp's default "specifiacation", but are not genreally recopmmeded for use, as they can confuse parsers. The same goes for the really short php tags, <? ?>.
ChrisAndrewsAuthor Commented:

Wow, thank you all for your comments.

I turned off asp on the server and it still runs, so I don't think it's asp.  I read an asp tutorial and did some testing and that didn't apply.

I am going to award this to the first person that mentioned it may be custom code, I am not positive that's right, but I think it is,

Thanks again,

These are constructs of the templating system. Which template system is being used? Refer to reference of that.
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