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"Thermometer" Java Applet

xcusmwah asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-23
I am looking for a Java applet that can read in a value of a flat file or .html document and display it graphically in a "thermometer" type applet.  The goal is to reach $150,000 so the top of the thermometer should represent that amount.  I am looking for a complete example and need it to be implemented without a database.
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Constructor: Initialises the main frame and get filename.txt.

Paint(): At every call of this method, it loads the required image which is tracked by an index that points to filename[] array.

That is it really, go over it and you will understand. Also because each of my image has a description therefore paint() also reads a text file with the same name as image's filename, i.e image1.jpg & image1.txt.

Essentially it's an image viewer.
John FistereEngineer, retired

I have the same need, that is a thermometer to show progress towards a donations goal.  I don't see how the answer provided by funnyveryfunny related to the question.  I want a simple component that I can manually set to show the progress toward a goal.  I would like to have a choice of styles.

Thank you,
John Fistere
Hi John,

I classified the original problem into two parts:

1) How does an applet access/read a file?
2) How do we demonstrate this graphically?

I answered the first part by showing how to read a file (I believed this is what the author tried to ask). With regards to the look-and-feel of the thermometer, I considered this as merely an animation that presents the data in some fancy ways. Therefore the choice of styles is upto you :-)

John FistereEngineer, retired

I see.  I will re-read your comments in that light.  However, I am at a different level of web development.  What I am really looking for is a thermometer component that I can simply place on a page and set the level.

Then I suggest that you do some searches on the web or post new a question in EE's Java.
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