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master & detial table with listview

ibrobar asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-05
Dear Experts

I got a master and detail tables and i have two questions :

1. These two tables are linked together by field named number. Is there a proper way so when i insert a new record in the master table so it will effect in the detail one and it will insert a new record with the same title as the master's one.

2. How can i fill both tables in the listview so i can show the master and the detail fields related to it

thanks a lot

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Ok, if you have the following scenario,

Id (AutoInc)

Id (AutoInc)
MasterId (Number)

Make sure you have a TDataSource with its DataSet property set to your Master Table

you will need to set the Child Table's MasterSource property to the
Master Table's datasource (you should have a TDatasource connected to your master table - right?)

Then you need to set the Child Tables MasterField property to the Joined fields of Master Table's ID and Child Table's MasterId

When you click the MasterFelds property, you will get a dialog box where you can join these two fields.

Let me know if you need anymore help!



Dear Shane

thanks a lot but I know all of this , actually i did the link between the master and detail tables but my question is :

when i insert a new record in the master table. let us say that the value of the field that connecting between the two table number=10.
my question is :number field in the detail table it will be automatically 10 or i have to insert it


what about the other question

How can i fill both tables in the listview so i can show the master and the detail fields related to it
Yes the number field in the detail table will automatically be 10

You cant fill both tables in a listview (if your using the standard delphi listview from the Win32 tab).

You will need a third party or decendent component which will give you two levels.

 There are some freeware, shareware, and commercial ones available, let me see if i can find you one!



thanks shane
but it's not added automatically in the detail field i don't know why

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what are you using for a database?



i am using paradox what you think
what is your full name by the way
What i think?

How would I know, there are 100's of databases you could be using.....

My full name is Shane Holmes!

Are you using the standard BDE components?

TDatabase, TTable, TDataSource, etc.



yes i am using standard components
i appreciate your help thanks

is it small enough to zip up and email to me so i can look , cause if you followed the steps i layed out up above, it should work just fine

Shane (holmesshane AT charter DOT net)
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