Windows in linux

Hi experts ,
Is There A Way i can run Windows Applications on linux
If So How?
please help
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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I wouldn't call bochs an alternative to vmware :-) If you've ever used both programs, you'll notice a small difference in speed :-) The two programs represent two totally different approaches: Bochs is a CPU and PC emulator: It emulates everything that a PC needs to do in software. This is slow. VMWare creates a virtual machine based on the CPU that is in your computer. Any "normal" CPU commands are actually run on your processor, only things that would conflict with your "real" operating system are done in software (stuff that is too close to the hardware). This makes VMware pretty fast (at least compared to Bochs). I'm using VirtualPC on a Mac (same category as Bochs) and VMWare under Linux, and I can tell you that VitualPC does not even come close to the VMWare performance.
There actually was an attempt to combine Plex86 and Bochs, but I guess that is also on hold while Plex86 development is not progressing.
Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two general mechanisms:
- Use an emulator
- use a virtual machine

An example for the first alternative is Wine ( Chances are that Wine is part of the Linux distribution you are using (or you can get it compiled for your installation). Wine does not require Windows. Your program may however not work (or not out of the box).
The second group of programs include VMWare (http://www.vmware) or as a free alternative Plex86 ( This requires a version of Windows. This will work for pretty much all Windows programs. I'm using VMWare since it was first released four or five years ago.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
BTW: If you are looking at running certain applications, take a look at CodeWeavers CrossOver Office ( - this is software based on Wine that is optimized for office type applications. What Windows applications are you interested in?
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About VMWARE: don't rely too much on sound and special devices such as CDwriters.
The first is not applicable for (e.g.) language courses (which seem to be restricted to Windows),
the latter is simply not suported.
Also, certain devices must not be shared between host and guest (parallel port, some USB-channels).
Special devices like Iomega ZIP must be shared via SAMBA.

I use win4lin for Win ME, and think higly of it. Among other thinngs, it does fine with sound.

Some people havve  been lucky with(free wine, but AFIK most have not.  "The worlds oldest beta/alpha"
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Vmware does not have any problems with sound on my machine. Win4Lin only supports Win95/09/Me, and no Win2K or XP, or other operationg systems like Solaris, Linux, BSD, ...
Another free alternative to vmware (and one that actually seem to be alive... well, a bit more "perky" than plex86) is the bochs project. Look at
Boasts at least NT4 "support":-)

-- Glenn
Well, everything is relative Karl Heinz:-). Enough juice up system, and the bochs will crawl along ...:-).
I've used both and will (of course) not recommend bochs over vmware from a performance standpoint... Price and politics is another matter;-).
... And the "perky" reference is in regard to project activity, nothing else.

One fun thing is that someone actually seem to have installed w2k-on-bochs... look at the screenshots. I can think of less painfil things to do:-).

I don't think we're really dissagreeing about anything here, are we?-)

-- Glenn
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Glenn, I don't think we disagree on anything: VMWare is more expensive than Bochs, Bochs has is OSS and VMWare is faster than Bochs. :-)
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