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After installing Microsoft office my default e-mail Outlook Express doesn’t work right any longer.  I have uninstalled Microsoft Office and set all the internet options and did everything I know to do to fix the problem.  When a message does come up it tells me the default mail client is not properly installed and when I click ok I get 67 Internet Explorer screens popping up.  I can get into the e-mail from the icon on the desktop and start menu, and I can send and receive okay, but when I click on an e-mail address in a message it locks up the screen and then throws me out of the program.  Also when I click on a e-mail site on a web site it throws me off the internet site and closes Internet Explorer.  
I have viewed a response to this same problem on this site but it only goes up to outlook express 5.  When I tried to edit the registry, it was not exactly as described.  Can you help please help
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Check these

a) open internet explorer
go to tools --> internet options --> programs and check for Email "outlook express" is selected

b) right-click "start menu"
go to properties
go to "customize" of "Start menu"
for email select "outlook express"


I have tried this but for some reason Outlook Express does not even appear in the drop down box, but is working fine in all other regards.  It is like office has take over??
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There should not be a conflict between OE and microsoft office. However, if you had made microsoft outlook ( part of microsoft office) as  the default email client , then it could be an issue.

go to Microsoft outlook
go to tools --> options --> other and uncheck the item that says "check for outlook as default email client " 

You actually donot need to reinstall or remove office to solve this issue..
As you have mentioned that a lot of internet explorer screens popup when you start Outlook Express, it is very much possible that your computer is also infected by spyware. Download and Install Adaware from the following Web site:

After removing all spyware from your computer, repair outlook express using the steps mentioned in the following Microsoft article:

If this also does not help, then download and install the latest version of IE and Outlook Express from the following Microsoft web site:
See if this gets Outlook Express back into your drop-down choices:

Start, Run, "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /reg, OK

If Outlook Express does not appear in the drop down list and/or you are still having problems after making it the default I think you probably want to verify your Outlook Express installation.  You shouldn't lose any settings so don't get too scared...

Just grab the latest IE6 installation file and run it.  Your address book, inbox, etc will stay intact but by running the installation you will make sure you have all the correct files in place.

As recommended (sort of) make sure you're free of Trojans, Viruses, etc. and up to date with all your Windows Update patches.  A couple simple must haves:

Stinger.exe (free from McAfee)

Make sure after you install and run these -- that you get their latest update files too.

Windows Update

Good luck

I have had this problem with Outlook express

I have followed the above and have now managed to get OE recognised as the default mail client.

HOWEVER, whenever I click on a submit or mailto: link in IE6 it just opens about 26 empty IE windows (not pop ups, just empty windows)

I have installed all WinXP updates for OE and IE6.

Anyone found a solution to the same problem?

{I have also removed all spyware etc with adaware}

When you go to Tools, Internet Options and select the Programs tab...are the correct programs specified?

I still would suspect a it trojan, virus, adware, worm...something?  With only a single browser window open, launch a DOS window (Start, Run, "cmd", Enter) and type "netstat -a -n -o".  With that and Task Manager you can verify all the locations/connection your system has made on the network...see if that helps you track it down.

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