I can't see my site from outside my Lan. I can ping it but I can't see it.

Posted on 2004-03-28
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I am running a sun server on a home lan with a Linksys 4 port router model BEFSR41.  I have DNS from a DNS service and I have configured the routerin the following manner:
Disabled the WAN block, I am running a static IP which is the same IP I have always had from roadrunner, I disabled dhcp, I enabled the DMZ, I enabled port forwarding using http port 80.  I did a ping test to find the best MTU setting and I came up with 1350.  I even tried all of the other MTU settings that were suggested by linksys and nothing.  A couple of nights ago I had it set to MTU 1492 and it started to work.  I could actually see it from outside the lan but the next morning I could no longer pull it up and I have not been able to pull it up since.  Very frustrating!  I can ping it just fine from outside the lan.  I tried pinging the DNS servers from inside the lan and I could only reach one.....don't know if that's a problem.  Any ideas, suggestions, answers would be greatly appreciated!  
Question by:roduno
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Expert Comment

ID: 10706106
As far as i can unterstand, by disabling the wan part, you use your router as a plain 4 port switch. That means that by enabling port forwarding  and dmz, the device will forward outgoing packets from the web server to the inactive wan port and no routing will take place. You should think about that device as 2 things:

<WAN port> --- [<two port router> --- <ethernet switch>] ==== <4 ethernet ports>

so what happens on the 4 ethernet ports has nothing to do with routing, unless it passes through the router to the WAN port.

Greetings, and i hope it helped...
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 10746092
you dont need to enable dmz just to serve web pages from behind the router. you dont need to disable dhcp either.  

by default, the router's dhcp server will start handing out addresses starting with, so you can assign computers behind it addresses .2-.99 so long as you also configure dns servers on those computers (to your isp's dns servers) and gateway to the router's lan address ( by default).

make sure the sun box has a static private net address (such as, has your isp's dns servers configured on it and gatway setup as router's lan address. then just forward port 80 (in the router's web-based configuration) to the static private address of the sun box.

to access the web site on the sun box, you enter your ISP's ip address (the router's address), the router will foward to the sun box. if you've got some sort of third-party redirect, make sure it's configured to go to your ISP ip address (ie. the public address of your router's wan port)

make sure your sun box doesnt have some firewall rules enabled that's blocking traffic in or out...

if you think you've got your router configuration all messed up, reset it to factory and reconfigure it. shouldn't need much configuring at all.. it's wan port mac should be cloned from whatever nic was originally used to set up the cable internet (most cable companies use mac addresses for authentication), go into port fowarding and forward port 80 to the static private address you've given the sun box. that should be all that's needed.

also have read reports from folks with this model router and flakey connections... seems to be a firmware related issue. so check on that too.

Author Comment

ID: 10747663
ok, I made the changes that you specified but I am still trying to figure out how to set the gateway on the sun box.  The initial configuration does not ask for a gateway so I assumed that it automatically sensed it.  As of the changes I can no longer get to the administrator gui for the web server so I'm not sure if the gateway piece is what I'm missing.  Let me figure out the gateway thing and I will get back to you.  Thanks.
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Author Comment

ID: 10749467
I set up the defaultrouter file and here is my netstat information:
Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------           U        1      1  dmfe0             U        1      0  dmfe0
default               UG       1      2               UH       2      6  lo0
I still can't access the server gui so I know something is not right.  I will keep troubleshooting but if you have any ideas please suggest.  Thank you!

Author Comment

ID: 10749759
For nltech:  I just figured out that I can't see the without having the dmz activated and set to my webservers address.  I tried several things but the only way that I can see the webserver gui is with the DMZ activated.

Author Comment

ID: 10796968
I finally got this right!  It was the gateway configuration all along.  I finally got it configured properly to go through the router's gateway.  Thanks for all the info.
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Expert Comment

ID: 10816809
the webserver gui may be functioning on a different port. ie: if you have to append :8080 or something to the end of the url, that's the non-standard port (i.e. or you'd need to forward that port in the router too.

Expert Comment

ID: 10913542
try enabling port 81 as well
On my SMC router i have to enbale both 80 and 81
Same for ftp port: I have to enable port 20 and 21
i dunno y

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