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luckyshot_69 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
  Hi everyone at EE,
   My sad story starts out when my computer started bogging down playing Yahoo games about four days ago.  I couldn't win a single game of pool, because all the tournys had timers on the shooting intervals at about 10 to 12 seconds.   Yahoo would freeze on me and by the time I had control of the que, it was too late!!   This is not normal for me or my computer, so I started running some stuff like Scandisk to check for errors.  Then I ran Spybot to check for spyware/adware invading my HD.  Then I bumped up the BIOS from OPTIMAL  to  HIGH PERFORMANCE.  I then went into MSCONFIG to shut down unwanted programs on start-up.  Then I ran my DEFRAGGING TOOL to clean up my HD so it would run smoother/faster/better......only it wouldn't get past 3% and start re-reading the HD.  It said that there was programs running that were writting to the HD, so I shut down all my anti-virus programs, my spamkilling, security ect. until I ran out of programs that might still be running.  I even disconnected my cable from the LAN so IE 6.0 was off line too.
   I finnally got the DEFRAGGING TOOL  to work somewhat, however it was still oscillating from the defragging protocol back to the reading HD protocol about every thirty seconds or so.  I figured at least progress was being achieved at approximently 30% per hour at that current rate.   Then it got stuck at 33%, and wouldn't go any further given the time it took to cycle into the defrag protocol.....and start over with the reading of the HD.  
    How do I get this tool to do its job, and finish the task ?  How do I find out what program is running that keeps triggering it to cycle back to the begining of its task ??  I tried a three finger salute to see if the program that was acting up would show itself, but alas it didn't help.
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Try booting into safe mode and running defrag that way...


Thank you sirbounty,
    I thought about doing that but I haven't had to boot into Safe Mode for going on five years.....and I'm embaressed to say I forgot how.  Its not an option when I go to START>SHUT DOWN....and when I try to command it in DOS, the command is rejected.
   So I tried to look it up in the MS Handbook, and still couldn't find any reference to it.  This is as silly as its frustrating, any help will be rewarded.
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Worse comes to worse you can always defrag from DOS but it is much slower.


Thank you sirbounty,
   Your answers, and most importantly your speed is deeply appreciated.  To answer your question, I put the damned beast on auto for once a week, but I suspect it hasn't been doing it, or at least un-able to do it because of all the security stuff that runs continually.
   One thing I learned at least is it doesn't like programs running when its doing its defragging, hence SAFE MODE.   Thanks again sirbounty, if the safe mode does it then I'll come straight back here and award you the full 500 points!!


Defrag was first available in MS-DOS 6.0 and was available ever sense. If  you are running MS-DOS 6.0+ and would like to run defrag follow the following steps:

    * If you are in Windows 3.x click File and then Exit to get to the MS-DOS prompt.
    * From MS-DOS type CD\DOS and press enter.
    * From the C:\DOS> type defrag and press enter which should begin running defrag on the computer.

Finally some computer manufactures have change the installation directory of where defrag is located if you are unable to run defrag from DOS directory go to the WINDOWS directory by typing CD\WINDOWS.

Some W98 want Control Key instead of F8 to get into SafeMode.
Top Expert 2005

Get the free ScanDefrag. It is the most advanced disk maintenance program there is. It runs Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk, and Disk

It's easy to setup and use, and it can deal with problems like "drive's contents have changed: restarting...".

Get it and read about all the options it has that you can use. It is a small download.


First configure Disk Cleanup (tick all options), then ScanDisk (as suggested by ScanDefrag) and at last Disk Drefagmenter.

Click RUN and let the process finish. If the HDD is as messy as it sounds, it may take a while to finish the 3 processes, but be patient, it will pay back.

try this soft
cleans the registry and speeds up win98 so you realy  feeel it

i am not after the points cos your q is answerd alredy but i thik you should try this one


WOW !!
  Everybody's soo helpful, this is really cool guys !! :))
  So here's what I'm gonna do....ok the accepted answer is "sirbountys'" of course, and he will get the 500 points I promised him.  However there are gonna be some bonus points to "Rayt333" for his input > 100 points
  Then there's "blue zee" and "Nakedghost" for their links to utility tools > 150 bonus points each.
  Sorry "coral47" your answer was both right and wrong, and in a small way "sirbounty" also missed this one.  The function key in my windows 98SE bundle is F5, not F8 nor the control key.  Both of you were on the right track though, and that in itself helped.  So in an effort to be fair I'd like to award "coral47" 50 bonus points for his participation.
  Its my desire that these people get these points, and that in no way will this detract from the set 500 points that goes to "sirbounty" for his very helpful and extremely quick response.  I'm new at this so if I've messed up somehow then I apollogise.  The grade for all of these responses is an "A+", you guys ROCK !!  
  I just hope I figure out how to administer these "bonus points" data correctly so you all get your credits !!  If you don't, then please address the issue with the administrators of this site so that you get your BONUS POINTS.
  Thanks again to everyone, my computer works now!!
Top Expert 2007

luckyshot_69 - so glad you got it working.
You're very generous here and I'm sure you will find that experts will flock to you in the future!  :D

Odd thing to me personally is your comment about F5 - from memory (mind you) - I thought F5 was equivalent to SHIFT on bootup - thus bypassing the startup altogether...

Anyway - happy to have helped.
If you need help with those other posts, feel free to let us know.

Actually on most systems you can get the "Menu" by simply holding down any of the keys on the keyboard, the system will get a keyboard error and halt on the menu screen and from there choose safe mode or whatever.
Top Expert 2007

Rayt333 - that's to get into system bios.
I thought we were talking win 9x boot menu...

No sir, you are incorrect, to get into the system CMOS setup (BIOS) you need to hit the correct key at the correct time.

But to get the "menu" all you need to do it create an error and unless it is told to ignore all errors in the CMOS setup then it will give you the "menu" and you can choose safe mode or whatever.

Did you try before you asked??
Top Expert 2007

Long gone is my 98 device, but I know on several systems that I have here, if I hold down any key - POST will fail (keyboard error), which occurs before the OS loads and loads the prompt for F1 to Continue or F10 for setup...

<< F1 to Continue or F10 for setup >>
Sounds like Compaq or HP systems, that is normal for them.

Top Expert 2007

That was as an example.  I'm running three custom builds here (AMIBios & Phoenix) - same results (though F1/F2)

So, you're saying you can hold down a key as the system is booting and the Windows boot menu appears?
Is this after POST?

Humm, maybe that only worked on the older pentium 1 systems, and maybe the older 486's, I haven't needed to use that approach for a while now and on my newer system it brings me to a hardware profile menu but nothing else.

Must be the old age thing kicking in, you know the memory is the second thing to go, I don't remember what the first thing to go was.

luckyshot_69: >>> F5 <<<  Glad you figured it out. : )    Mine uses the ControlKey, and I keep forgetting which is which on the F5/F8 choice.  : /
>>> bonus points <<<  The best way I know to make friends on this site.   LOL
thanks for the points
that is 1 time i get bonus points ((;
nice surprise

f5 is the right key ((;

reg cleaner(old one) is realy neat soft i am using it on regular basis  (for 3 years) but dont get sceard of its age ((;
i used it for about thausand ...... more or less ((; times and it newer screwed up enything
dont forget to clean up the registry vith it
you can trust that all the things it will found can be freely deleted
nowe the project is sold out and registry mecanic is made out of him and it is not a freeware any more

thanks one more time and good luck
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