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SQL statment for Killing Sessions

Premanidhi asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18

I need a sql statement which will kill all inactive sessions.
Is it possible to schedule running of this statement every day at 1:00 AM?

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You can try this:

SQL>alter system kill session 'sid,serial#'

where the sid and serial# are from v$session view

Please note that as soon as you run a query and get the results back
in sqlplus, you will see  "inactive" seesions andmost sessions are mostly inactive.

A good way is to set an IDLE time in the PROFILES .  That will kill sessions that have been IDLE for "x" minutes.  Just killing inactive sessions would *not* be a good idea.

Hope this helps


baonguyen1 Could You please explain me how to set IDLE time in the PROFILES?
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The process will be sniped on IDLE time and then cleaned up by PMON (some times it does not work).


but AFAIK you have to set init.ora parameter RESOURCE_LIMIT=True
You could also use the last_call_et from v$session
sysdate - last_call_et/86400 is the last datatime the session "did"something.
We kill everybody that has done nothing for a day
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