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I am using Lotus Notes R5.  When i create a new memo under my name in the letter head in bolded words, one more line comes with Sent By : with my name.  The spelling of this name is wrong.  Others in our company don't get this extra line.  For them only the date comes.  How can I remove this "Sent By" field.  
I check the properties and its using StdR50Mail template.

Pls tell me how to remove the sent by field.

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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Arun is correct, but letme add that having an extra space or a blank line in the profile's owner field will cause this problem.

So, in yor inbox, click the TOOLS button, and choose PREFERENCES.  I the owner field, make sure it is spelled EXACTLY like your Notes users name, including those fully parts (e.g., George Bush/White House, not just George Bush).  Then,, place the cursor right after the last letter, and hold down the delete key for a few seconds to make sure there is nothing after it, icnluding spaces and blank lines.
ur using another email database which is not yours.

So, open ur own mail database and also check the location document which should point to your mail file
ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Visit your Profile document in mailbox.  You will see the misspelled name there.  Change it to the correct one and it will remove the sent by display on your mails...

Good Luck.  

Mady... I dont think location document has anything to do with this...

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If you run away with my points qwaletee .....
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av_palAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the updates. I tried  changing the preference but that did not help.  But while trying to change my pwd I saw that my id file name was mispelled.  It seems that MIS created the id with a wrong name.  Later when i asked them to correct it, they changed it in the address book, but the id file remained the same.  

I guess this was causing the problem. I have informed MIS, asked them to give me new ID file.

I will split the points with Arun Kumar and qwaletee. One got the correct answer and the other made it clear.

thanxs to all..... :-)
As long as it worked for you Pal !!!

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