Variables with "All of Windows" Scope

I was wondering if it is possible to create code for Variables that will last for any Application during a session of Windows.


I open CountApples.exe which Apples=120
I close CountApples.exe

I open InventoryList.exe which prints Apples=120

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ArkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Public Sub SetAllWindowsScopeVariable(ByVal sVarName As String, Byval sVarValue As String)
End Sub

Public Function GetAllWindowsScopeVariable(ByVal sVarName As String, Optional sDefaultValue As String="") As String
   GetAllWindowsScopeVariable = GetSetting("MyApp","GlobalVar",sVarName,sDefaultValue)
End Sub

Place both subs in all your apps bas modules.
'Now, to get value any time:
Apple = GetAllWindowsScopeVariable("Apple",120) '120 is default value if no variables set

'To save value:
Call SetAllWindowsScopeVariable("Apple", "240")
DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiest way is to store it in a file, registry,database,... when closing the first application and reading the file within the second application.
I don't see any other way to do it.
sendtojpAuthor Commented:
I forget the what 'Global' scope is.

How would you store it in Registry.

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sendtojpAuthor Commented:
Is there a 'Plain Vanilla' subroutine with a few lines of code to gain a quick understanding.  I spppose you can use Registry to simulate a Variable.
sendtojpAuthor Commented:
I will check back in the morning (it's 0437 here), I have to goto bed.
sendtojpAuthor Commented:

Do you have I 'Plain Vanilla'  (aka 'Hello World' Example).  I have accessed DLL's before but never have I written to the Registry.  You can use above Apple example or equalvant.  I will also raise the point and give you an 'A' grade.

Thank You your help,

sendtojpAuthor Commented:
That's   ...for your help opps
sendtojpAuthor Commented:
Can you explain the Arguments of SaveSetting, I checked it in MSDN it assumes you know the Registry.

SaveSetting appname, section, key, setting

When this is done, I will raise the points and give some to Dhaest and Ark.

Thanks for both your help.


Get/Save settings works with HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings registry key.
appname - string - subkey under above key. Usually set to App.EXE name, though it can be any unique string
section    - string - subkey under "appname" subkey. Any string (unique) you want.
key         - string - subkey under "section" subkey. Any string (unique) you want. Usualy sets to variable name.
setting    - string - registry value of "key" subkey. Usually sets to variable value.

In my sample above:
appname = MyApp
section = GlobalVar
key = "Apple"
setting = 240

So, my sample above use a subkey(s) (create one if it doesn't exist):
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\MyApp\GlobalVar\XXXXX
where XXXXX is your variable(s) name(s) ("Apple" in sample) and set it (they) value(s) to YYYYYY (240 in a sample).
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