Running ASP on Apache

I'm a novice user of ASP. I want to get the Apache Webserver so i can develop and test ASP pages and scripts at home. Is Apache a good server for this? Is it easy to use on a windows platform i.e Windows XP home or Win 2k
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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
Apache is not a good server for ASP. In fact, it does not support ASP at all.
To use ASP in an Apache environment, you must install a J2EE server and use ChiliSoft or Stryon (which cost a bundle).
On the other hand, since you are a novice, why not use PHP, Perl, Java (tomcat) or any other perfectly good free solutions?

First I'd like to say shalomc is right about checking out PHP.

With that said take a look at

It may suit your needs
Apache-asp is nothing like Microsoft's ASP, although the name looks alike.
It is based on Perl.

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I dont run ASP so please forgive me if it's obvious, but I don't see "perl" being an issue here.

The product seems to have the ability to run ASP scripts under Apache, which is what KAMAU was looking for.

> Apache-asp is nothing like Microsoft's ASP

The same is true with Apache as compared to IIS ** This could be a good thing ;)

Perhaps I'll set it up on a test box.. I'm courious now heh
> The same is true with Apache as compared to IIS ** This could be a good thing ;)

couldn't say it better. Apache is definitely better than IIS, except for ASP support.
IIS is both an application server and web server bundled together.
The ASP of IIS is written either in Javascript (rarely) or VBScript (more often).
The ASP in Apache-asp is Perl based, and classic ASP scripts will not run on it.

From :
".. ASP embedding syntax allows one to embed code in html in 2 simple ways. The first is the <% xxx %> tag in which xxx is any valid perl code. "
Notice the word perl in the documentation.

> The ASP of IIS is written either in Javascript (rarely) or VBScript (more often).

Ahhhhhhh.  I didn't know that

yea that could/would indeed be a problem

I tend to code or use items that offer cross-OS compatibility rather than OS dependent languages,  as it tends to make migration to a new server (changing OS's)  less of a nightmare.

But the info is definatly going into my "Learned something new today" list  ;)

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