Problems with Playing DVD in Win XP

I have recently bought a new PC with Samsung DVD/CD-RW drive.
There was a spec. PowerDVD software with Samsung drive to play DVDs.
I installed Win XP Prof. to my machine.
I tried to play DVD with PowerDVD but received only error messages, saying that my application (powerdvd.exe) has performed illegal operation and would be closed. Then I decided to play DVD with standard MediaPlayer (Play DVD disk option). The application gave me the error and was closed by the system.
I installed different updates but it did not help much.
Please, help me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Terrible_macro,

Have you tried re-loading PowerDVD?
Which version of PowerDVD are you attempting to use?

Good luck.
hey this stumps me but try opening the dvd in my computer   it also maybe the region on the disc i know here that our dvd players play only region one discs to find out what disc you have just look at the back of the case and look for the pic of a globe with a number that is the region #

your welcome
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Terrible_macroAuthor Commented:
The point is that  I copied dvd disk contents to my hard drive and tried to run the movie, and received the same error.
So I think that may be the DVD drive settings are OK. May be there is some problem with my dvd
When you say you copied the dvd to your hard drive, did you do this with a dvd ripper?

Make sure you have installed DirectX, which is needed for overlays:
One point to note. If you just plain copied the contents of the DVD to HDD, and the source DVD is a copy protected title, ie. a film etc, then the chance are that the disc is encoded and when you copied the contents to the HDD you missed the decoding key which is only stored on the disc. Check the RPC region code on your drive and the region code on the disc.
or you have an internal error on the system           i have gotten an problem with direct draw and replaced the file still it did not work only solution is to reformat and reinstall and i did that well hot dog it worked
Terrible_macroAuthor Commented:
I called a guy from service center and he somehow tricky installed ASUS XP DVD Player.
That was the only software which worked with my DVD.

Thanks for help anyway
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