Capturing Data from TeleType GPS Receiver on iPAQ


I have an iPAQ 5450 with a TeleType GPS Receiver, which is attached to the Compact Flash Card Socket of the iPAQ.

How can I capture the sentences generated by the GPS Receiver in Embedded C++ Version 3.0?

There is an SDK available on the Teletype website but it only allows you to communicate with the receiver via their own TeleType GPS software - I want to be able to talk directly to the GPS receiver. Is this possible without reliance on Teletype?

Many thanks in advance,

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QuashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a standard format for talking to a GPS unit, if they use that format you probibily can talk to it.  I can't remember what the format is called off hand though.  I know there are some open source projects though.

timiasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The standard is NMEA this is one link of many that will help you decode the data.

The data is output in standard ASCII format, so you can use standard string functions to parse and interpret it.
It is comma delimited

I can help you if your looking for one-way com (GPS to CE device). Two way may be possible but I don't think it covered under the NMEA standard, and I have never done that.

I do know you will have to turn on the data port in the GPS setup menu. You can connect it to hyper terminal on a PC to see what is output. (I also had too turn on simulate because I don't get SAT reception by my PC)

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