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How can i install software to remote computer?

I'm looking for a Software, that i will can to install any software from my computer to a remote computer. i need to use it in my company, so it's in a Company Network.
also, i want to see all my coputers in my network and know what they are doing every moments.

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PSTools is a useful set of freeware tools that amongst othe things enable execution of files on remote computers, from command line, and allows you to supply username and passwords etc.

Deb :))
Microsoft SMS and Novell Zenworks are both suitable commercial products for a network.

IIRC, both allow you to remote view/remote control workstations, deploy applications in a controlled manner according to set policies, and so on.
What operating system is your server and what operating system are you using on your clients ?
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If you're using Windows 98 or 2000, set up Netmeeting (start,programs,accessories,communications).  Be sure your an Administrator on both machines.  Once set up, be sure to go into TOOLS, OPTIONS, Security tab, check both boxes for sending/receiving secure communications.  Go back to TOOLS and select Remote Desktop Sharing.  When done, go to CALL and Exit and Activate Remote Desktop sharing.  You can go ahead and do this on both computers (yours and the one you want to install software on).  Once this is done, share out your CDROM.  Remote control into the other machine, do a START-RUN, \\yourmachinename\cdrom, and navigate to the .exe setup file.

aweighAuthor Commented:
I'm using windows 2000 and windows 98 in my network.i'm a client station and i want to do this from my station to all machine.
now, dear Debsyl99 i did not succeed to use with pctools software.
and dear tstaddon, please if u can tell me how?
thanks all,
If you can tell me what operating systems your are using it may be possible to do what you want with your existing os'es.
As tstaddon recommended SMS would add an agent to your workstations and you could use it to perform the tasks you want. Very expensive and difficult to learn unless you do this type of thing all the time.

the solution from bleidj1 is a back door, a free one but time consumming way to get the job done but it could work if you are familiar with writing scripts that you could put on each machine to semi automate reporting,

I recomment that you upgrade your workstations to Win xp and use the built in remote desktop connection to acomplish what you want.  You can access each system, share cd/dvd drives for installs use the remote install that comes with win2000 server and script central reporting to your xp workstation or access the event viewer on each workstation or server.
Mostly depends on applications you want to install
At micosoft's Technet site the are a lot of information on how to install applications remotely. It is very well documented and easy do.
Altiris (www.altiris.com) do the job.  It is expense but it can easy your life once you have your application installation packaged.  Most desktop support can be done remotely.
If you use active directory and group policies on your network you can install software with a GPO.  This will require you to have your software packaged in .msi format or .zap.  See these links to get started with this:


Hope this helps,
You can install the WinVNC Software in all the computers (including your server), which will enable you to monitor all the clients workstations sitting in your server room. You can download the VNC software from the below given link.


Using this you can even install any sort of softwares on the client systems sitting in one place.

Try this NOW, hope this will resolve your issue,
I think brakesh has the right idea and if you decide to add unix (linix) to your environment this will work cross platform.  Sorry, I spend 85% of my time in windows and forgot about using vnc.  You can do all the things I said above with VNC.
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