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Splash form for registration status using KeyedAccess

jaimexctsg asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Need specifics on creating a private sub for my splash form that will verify the status of a Global Constant and then; either close the whole aplliction, or proceed to open the switchboard. Also need to know how to assign a value to the Global constant depending on the results of a verification module "basKeyedAccess".
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Hello jaimexctsg,

By definition, a Global Constant is just that - constant.  You set its value in it's declaration. So once you set it so that the application closes, I'm wondering where you go from there?  You cannot assign a value to a constant programmatically.

Also, a module does not have an outcome.  A function procedure can return a value but a module is just a container for procedures.  So whatever outcome you need to test it must come from a function.  basKeyedAccess sounds like a module name to me, so you first need to identify which function is returning a value.



Thanks for your explanation. I am new to VBA, don't know VB either. My training was in ORACLE SQL, and that was 10 years ago. So I am lost. I looked it up, thanks to you, and found the function name is "ka_ValidateKeyWithPrompt" and returns an integer for an error or an integer that represents three levels of validation. I am not sure what they are but it would be safe to use a return value of 1,2, or 3, for the example.  My question is: What would be the code to open a form "Form_Customers" if...
Case function returns 1: The program should open and work with all it's features. Eg. all controls enabled.
Case function returns 2: Program works with some features disabled, "Form_Customers" cannot be printed, and the new customer records cannot be saved to the underlying table.
Case function returns 3: Program closes after a brief MsgBox "The trial period has expired, please register your program."
Please be as specific as possible, like I said, I'm in new waters here.


How can I set a Variable so that all forms can "decide" how to behave, depending on the results of this function, which only runs once at rthe begining of the program.
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Thanks, i have not had time to try it but was able to uunderstand the "How To".

If you run into problems post back and I'll be happy to help.



My mistake, it seems to me the function returns boolean (0, -1).
For the time being  it willk be better to use only one serial verification.
The correct test string for the verification is:

'*  in the "Open" event procedure the splash form has
If ka_ValidateKeyWithPrompt(True) Then
    ‘* The program is registered.
    '*The splash form opens normally
    MsgBox "This program is not registered."

    '* I don't know how to put a global variable here to indicate
    '* that the application is in shareware/demo mode
    '* and to be used in the other forms open event
    '* Tried to use varVerif (which I declared on a module by writting; "Public varVerif As Variant"
    '* Without the quotation marks), but could not access it from the other forms.
End If

What am I doing wrong?


I gotr it. varVerif works! Must have had a typo! Thanks for your guidance Pete, I didn't know where to start!
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