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why windows G U I is faster than linux or unix

why windows Graphical User Environment  works faster than unix or linux GUI
5 Solutions
There could be any number of reasons for this but I'll  accept the opportunty for a rant :) Linux desktop developers have fallen into the microsoft trap. Why optimise code when everyone (yeah right) has a top of the range pc. Windows on the desktop also has the advantage of an integrated sytem  - the gui is the os. It still sucks though :)
like owensleftfoot said, there can be any number of reasons, especially if you're running KDE or Gnome, but how about trying to running just running X with a lightweight window manager? fvwm2 is really really small and fast (but ugly and not fun to configure), blackbox/fluxbox/windowmaker are all easy to configure and look clean (and, of course, super fast).
On my old PII 333 I found Gnome to be remarkably faster under Fedora Core 1 than under Mandrake 9.1 or Red Hat 9.  I doubt it makes much of a difference on my new machine though.

It's fast because it's on a free fall...

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