How to configure ipsec with manual keys (without isakmp)

I am studying for the Cisco CCSP test and want to know how to configure IPSec with manual keys.  I already have ike keys on the router and I don't know if the router can have both manual and ike keys at one time.

Also, I cannot find an example on Cisco's seb site that tells me what the 0x keys can be (what they may look like.)  I know they have to be the same for the inbound/outbound for both routers but I cannot get it to work.

Can someone give me an example of the four ipsec commands that configure manual keys?


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Pascal666Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The same link, but not requiring partner level CCO access:

If you sincerely want to pass this exam, you would have to sincerely read this web page on cisco. It explains you in-depth on how to configure IPsec with manual keys. I have read it and followed it and recently passed all my CCSP tests.
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