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After installing 2nd Hard drive system will not boot

mchyzik asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-04-14
Hi guys... time for a little help from you again.  Here is the scenario:

I have a customres PC here.  His hard drive basically ran out of space.  I intend to ghost the old drive to a new larger drive.  OS is win98SE.
Problem: Old drive is WD24300, new drive is WD40GB.  When I install the new drive (jumpered as slave) on the same cable the system will not boot.  I have tried different jumper settings on the original drive and it will only accept 'single' (no jumpers) in order to boot.  How can I get these 2 drives to play nicely???  I simply want to boot up, and ghost to the new disk!  I am putting high points on this since I need this system ready by tomorrow morning!

Thanks in advance!
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Why not put it on the second IDE channel to at least get the ghost image on the bigger drive... then try using the bigger drive as the primary

Hello mchyzik,

Why are you trying to slave the new drive?

If you were to place the new drive on the second IDE, you could eliminate this problem.

As a side note, Western drives are picky buggers. If you need them on the same iDE, I suggest you add the new drive as the master, with the slave on CS or slave. The bigger drive wants control, so give it. Boot from IDE 1 rather than 0 from Bios and this should work.
On checking the old drive, it is a 4.3GB and I have to ask.............

The 40GB, is it Ultra ATA?

Is the motherboard IDE channel compatible?


The CDR is on the other IDE channel with a tape drive.. so both are taken.  Yes it is a 4.3GB.
How can I make the new drive the master when I need to boot from the old drive?
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I took the CDR AND tape drive off of the second IDE cable and put the new drive on the end  jumpered it as CS.  Set  bios to auto.  System hangs on boot up.. .looking for secondary master.
put the drive as the master not CS and then try it
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