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Partition no longer accessible & LILO Issues

jplee3 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
   I'm having some issues with a 200gb(master) drive I had WinXP on.  I also have an 80gb drive that I loaded Linux 8 (recently removed it) on w/ LILO.  Stupidly, I believe I loaded LILO on the MBR.  Now I'm having some big problems.  First, if I try booting off the 200gb drive (partitioned into two 100gb drives), it starts up with "LI" and freezes.  It actually wasn't doing this at all for a while.  I think it wasn't until after I removed Linux 8 that the "LI" message came up and caused things to go haywire.  
   But that's just the first issue, and I don't mind having to reformat except that the second partition (E:\) (the one that doesn't have the OS on it - currently D:\) is no longer accessible and cannot be recognized by Windows.  I took a spare drive I had and loaded WinXP on it and set the 200gb as the slave to attempt to recover some of the files from the partition 2; but it says the drive (2nd partition) is not formatted.
   So the current layout is this -

C:\ (120gb drive with WinXP temporarily loaded and booting off of)
D:\ (first 100gb partition with old WinXP OS/dirs loaded)
E:\ (second 100gb partition - INACCESSIBLE)
*Partitions D: & E: are the 200gb HD

  Is there anyway to recover the data off drive E:\?  I can see drive D:\ just fine; but I think I screwed up the Partition tables by removing Linux.  Anybody know of any programs that would allow me to recover/retrieve files?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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