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I have a win 98 pc connects to a lan fine and can see the server and other clients just fine. When I try to connect to the wan I cannot get no where. I have tried new nics and still I can see the lan. any ideas to try. Where within the registries can I ck the values to see if they were changed? Or any Ideas. Besides reloading the hd
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Right Click on Network Neighborhood
Left Click on Properties
Locate TCP/IP for your network card.
Double click.

If you are using DHCP things should be working.  But if they are not:

Change to Assign a specific IP Address.
Enter the current IP address and sub net mask of your pc.  (To check that you can click, Start, Run then type winpcfg for the command.)
If you do not have a Gateway...put in the lan ip address of your router
This should be enough.

However, you can also add the DNS numbers from your internet service provider as long as they come after the DNS of your server..


Go to DOS (Start, Run , command, OK).
type ping yahoo.com and press enter.
If you get a reply, you are on the wan!

abriggs1Author Commented:
sorry for not being more prompt with the first question. The pc is running DHCP and I tried your idea also. Still not working any other tries?
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I would start with some basic network trouble shooting.

Ping yourself to make sure your TCP/IP stack is ok - ping

From the sounds of it, your tcp/ip stack should be ok seing as how you're on the network

Next i would ping your gateway - ping (or whatever your gateway is)

Then i would try to ping a web site - ping www.yahoo.com

If you can do that then you should be able to get on the net.  if not, you might want to try a tracert and see where your connection dies.

That's what I would do as well... I would also try to ping as well.

Just in case it is a DNS problem....

P.S.  Isn't "I cannot go Nowhere" means you can go somewhere?  LOL... Just kidding.

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If you try "ipconfig /all" from DOS, what do you get?
This does not always work on a Windows 98 PC.

Did you add the ISPs DNS numbers to your TCP/IP and then reboot the computer?
With Win9X machines, try running "WINIPCFG" instead

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abriggs1Author Commented:
I have tried winipcfg and released and renewed. I have added the tcp/ip and the dns, also I tried to ping yahoo with no success.
abriggs1Author Commented:
Thanks for the help guys I fixed the problem. There was some major spyware that was blocking the client to connect to the WAN...
abriggs1Author Commented:
How was your answer excepted after I placed a comment that it was fixed nobody helped on the resolution????
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