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Problems with NET Passport Log ins

bosstang asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
I have a question that I am hoping someone can help with. Its a log in issue with Microsoft NET Passport. When i try to log in to some sites mostly MSN help sites I klick on the sign in button the screen flashes and nothing happens no log in. When I try to log into the zone.com  I get an error page that reads

You have reached this page due to errors in your authentication.
You may choose among the following Zone sites to continue.

I was trying to play a game on Zone.com.
I was trying to play a game in MSN Messenger.
I was trying to buy a game.
I don’t know, or none of the above.
This is a 3 month old Dell Dimension 8300 with a 2.8 mghz  1 gig of Ram running windows XP with the MacAfee security suite with anti spam and and privacy service disabled. Firewall is set to Medium Standard. Cookies are enabled in the browser. I have run scans for Virus coming up negative. System is linked through a switch to a Cable Modem 3 other PC share the switch and each is on an individual IP. This is acting like a possible virus because when I try to link to Help on the verious Net Passport sites I am getting messages like page is not available or technical difficulties try again etc I ran the online scan at MacAfee and also came up clean. What am I missing here? Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Oh yes the passport log in works from any other computer others do run Windows 98 and 2000 and use Zone Alarm Firewall.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

MSN / Hotmail or Passport may have incorrect login information for you and passwords; this happened to me some time ago.  If you try disabling Zone Alarm (or update it with current version), does the problem get resolved?  Have you tried pasting the problem links into your Allowed sites using the Privacy tab of IE - edit and paste the URL and choosing allow?  Have you tried clearing your cache (temp internet files, including offline content and history files)?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

When searching google.com for your error message, find this goto link, which is precisely your noted error.

Have you deleted related cookies and then recreated them with the correct login and password information?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

http://www.passport.net/Consumer/?lc=1033  This may be of help to you, also please check WindowsUpdate.
The .net passport is MSN's authentication server. There is a passport profile for anyone with an MSN or hotmail email address. The profile can get corrupted. It's nothing you or anyone else has done. It just happens. If your email is msn.com, then call 800-386-5550; if hotmail.com, call 866-672-4551 -- ask the tech support to update your passport profile for you.  



An update

I tried deleteing all cookies and Logs and the problem continued. Ithen tried logging into other msn help sites and nothing would happen. I contacted MSN NET directly and they suggested everything you all have suggested to date and still nothing. I also Called Dell tech support and got no where and then MacAfee because I still thought it was a virus that was denieing me service or a worm that the Firewall was trying to block or even a cookie trying bounce a connection. Nothing.
I can log in with no problem with another machine so it has to be something here.  

I started with trial and error and I found it Under Tools - Internet options-advanced tab I went one by one on and then off of all settings one at a time. What a pain that was and I found it almost the bottom of the list. Use TLS 1.0 was checked off this was the default setting since I never touched it until now and when I unclicked it (no green check mark in the box) wham all sites previously unviewable are working fine. Log in with NET passport no problem all sites so far. I retried it Clicking it on and no access at all. I am not sure if this is the default for Windows XP Home or Dell uses the setting or the security in the MacAfee sets this as on I have not researched that as of yet but I will say it does block your using Microsoft NET passport and needs to be unclicked. Ow yes the MSN and Hotmail Tech support was no help they blamed it on MacAfee and Dell and vice versa  so this is the solution to this problem.but what a waste of time trying to clear it up. Thanks Everyone for your suggestions they were all on my path to solving this issue just not the correct solution.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic design
Top Expert 2004

Good news that you've got what you need, and thank you for posting this.  That protocol is a known issues and emulates TLS 3.0 and many web sites cannot be accessed when this is checked (not all, of course).  Intermittent problems and end-user settings are often difficult to diagnose.

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