Trouble Networking 2000 Pro with XP Pro

I have just purchased a new desktop with XP pro and I have been trying unsuccessfully to integrate it into my existing home network. This previously consisted of Win2K laptop & Win2k desktop, linksys router/switch and cable modem. The laptop is a work pc that is part of a domain (ENTERPRISE) the W2K desktop was configured with a workgroup (ENTERPRISE); I had been successful with my 2000 pcs getting access to internet through the router using DHCP and I was also able to read the drives and share resources among the PCs. Now although I am able to get at the internet from all PCs through the same DHCP on the router I am not able to share resources such as HDDs/files inside my LAN.

Is there a simple way to do this? I have seen some suggestions to enable NetBios...but I have also seen that this is vulnerable to outside attacks.

Can someone please describe the options I have available to me. I am reasonably sure that I do not wish to use ICS and that I also do not want everything going through my new XP pro machine. I really want to have a P2P network inside my router.
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sqwasiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

My suggestion would be to just enable NetBEUI.  I would assume that it is already enabled on the other two computers.  I know that Windows XP does not come with it installed by default.  This would be your simplist setup.  I wouldn't be concerned with security and NetBEUI because your cable modem should be running NAT which should be blocking NetBEUI traffic.  If you don't use NetBEUI then you can run everything by IP, but then you either need to setup an internal DNS server or manual edit your lmhost files on all of your computers.  That is a pain.  That is the main reason Microsoft created NetBEUI, for small networks like you have.  To enable NetBEUI on your new XP computer you will need the original XP disc.  You will need to right click on My network places and go to properties.  Then select your LAN connection and right click it as well and go to properties.  Here you need to click install to install a protocol.  Then click Protocol and then add.  Then click Have disk.  Here is where you put in your XP disc.  Then you will need to browse to the location that has the netBEUI files.  I can't remember exactly where they are.  I believe they are in MFT/support/netbeui or something like that.  I am sorry that I can't remember exactly.  Once you have it highlighted you just add that protocol.  Make sure that netbeui is on all the other workstations as well.  Let us know how it goes.

Could you please describe what you mean when you say that you can not get access. Are there any error messages?

Can you successfully ping the other machines on the network?
UmbiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using Netbios should be fine over TCP/IP
Just make sure you have strong passwords for your shares.
If your really worried you can also enable a netbios scope id.

Check out this web page for good information on the vulnerability of netbios.
Joseph NyaemaIT ConsultantCommented:
To get all three PCs to share resources successfuly, this is what you need to do.

1. Make the computers members of the same workgroup.
2. Maintain a list of Computer names and their passwords on every PC.
3. Maintain the same list of Usernames and their passwords on every PC.

Create users with the same name as the computer names on your Home network. This is normally maintained by a domain controller.  In the absence of this, this is what you need to do.  Keep the passwords blank.

On every PC create the actual users and maintain the same password on each PC to avoid being asked to login.

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