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problem with displaying changes to web pages.

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Last Modified: 2010-04-01

Im having a very strange thing happening at the moment on website im working on....when ever i make changes to the web page, re-compile the jsp page in tomcat im not seeing any of ther changes I made in my  browser, all im seeing is the old version of my jsp page...have tried refreshing,deleteing temporary internet files but im having no joy....

im using jbuilder, i'm also using some javascript too if that makes a difference.....

Any Ideas why this is happening and how do i fix it,
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You are making the changes on the Javascript?

How are you deploying to Tomcat, from Jbuilder?



ignoring the javascript for a minute, im making change to labels dispalyed on my jsp page (ie the html parts of the page) but im not seeing any changes on on the page displayed in my browser after recompiling


that did the trick Nick_72, thanks a million!

But how are you deploying those changes to TOMCAT with a .war file or just copying the .jsp to the directories?
If is a .war and you do it with the Jbuilder deploy option be sure that you restart TOMCAT.



Cheers Javier, At the moment well up till now JBuilder always drecompiled and wrote over the old class's in its project folder "Work" directory which stored alll the compiled servlets and jsp class's, must have done something in its project properties to change this this.........another quick question does jsp allow paramter names with spaces??...if ye want ill open this as a new question but it seems a fairly trivial question

ok great :)

>>does jsp allow paramter names with spaces

yes, just replace the spaces with a '+' and it'll work

if you have a variable that contains a string with spaces, just use the replaceAll(" ", "+");  method before using it as a parameter name (or value).



My problem is im using javascript that displays an error message based the input name ,
say my input name is "MobileNumber" is displays "MobileNumber" should a be a number blah blah.....
but i want to display "Mobile Number" should be a number, but if use this im messing up other code in servlets that cant use

request.getParameter("Mobile Number");

tried using request.getParameter("Mobile+Number"); but it doesnt seem to work
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