How do I modify delete data generated server side

My guest book is generated by Frontpage; The responses from my visitors are stored server side How do I pull them back to remove and inappropriate remark / comment?
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coreybryantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sign onto your server by going to file - open web -  Now hit publish & choose the destination on your local HD where your website is stored.

Close the web & open up your local copy.  Maybe the changes in the guestlog.htm & re-publish.

(yes you can make the changes also on your server - but it would be good to have a back up of those responses.

If you can run ASP (using Windows), check out - they have some sample guestbooks that you can download code & use it instead.

thebusiesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Corey Will check it out later tonight when things calm down :-)
thebusiesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Corey The points are yours
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