BULK INSERT Error. Plse help!

Hi there,

SQL 7.0
I would like to upload the following file to a sql table. Here is the data of the file TESTFILE.PRN':

RZGB|FT|12| |\n
RZGB|FT|12| |\n
RZGB|FT|12| |\n
RZGB|FT|12| |\n
RZGB|FT|12|This is a test|\n
RZGB|FT|12| |\n
RZGB|FT|12|Zone 1      Zone 2|\n
RZGB|FT|12|Hello World||\n
RZGB|FT|12|     5 leading spaces|\n
RZGB|FT|12|      Tab(10) - Hello|\n

Here is the SQL file layout:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ArgiefTransaksies] (
      [TakDepotKodeRef] [char] (4) NOT NULL ,
      [HoofraamNommer] [varchar] (2) NOT NULL ,
      [Dokumentnommer] [decimal](1, 0) NOT NULL ,
      [DataLyn] [varchar] (133) NOT NULL )

Here is the SQL query that I try to use:

BULK INSERT ArgiefTransaksies
        DATAFILETYPE = 'char',
        FIELDTERMINATOR = '|',
        ROWTERMINATOR = '|\n',
        MAXERRORS = 0

When I run this query it return this error:

Server: Msg 1038, Level 15, State 1, Line 2
Cannot use empty object or column names. Use a single space if necessary.

Plse help,

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ctcampbellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You defined [Dokumentnommer] as [decimal](1, 0), but the data file has the value "12".  You need to make it decimal(2,0).  After fixing the Dokumentnommer, it works fine in SQL Server 2000.  Not much help for you though.
Server: Msg 1038, Level 15, State 1, Line 2
Cannot use empty object or column names. Use a single space if necessary.

Try increasing the length of the data in your last field, in your file:

| \n

if at all possible.

Where a space is between the | and the \n.

I believe this is a bug with bulk insert.
You can try the bcp, an alternative in this particular case.

The space between the | \n applies to every column (unfortunatly).
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Hi Beneke,

Try removing the NOT NULL constraint from the column [DataLyn]


To my earlier post, I've seen this occur even when all columns are NULL, and varchar(50) with a similar data-file.
benekeAuthor Commented:
The problem was the flatfile:

No need for a line terminator! Only a field terminator will do.

This is a sample from earlier:
RZGB|FT|12|This is a test|\n
This now should changed to:
"RZGB"|"FT"|"12"|"This is a test"

ALTER   PROCEDURE vkbsp_insArgief (@PathFileName varchar(200))AS

Declare @SQL varchar(2000)
Select @SQL = "BULK INSERT ArgiefTransaksies
               FROM '"+@PathFileName+"'
               WITH (
                     FIELDTERMINATOR = '|',
                     MAXERRORS = 0
                    ) "
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