writing to response stream from action

trying to call an action in a jsp page to return some html on http response stream, but it doesn't seem to like it.  i am using the itext library's html writer.

i have an action-mapping where /ledger.do maps to Ledger.class which is an action.
in ledger.jsp:
<jsp:include page="/ledger.do" />

in Ledger.java:
ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
HtmlWriter.getInstance(document, out);

the problem is that the http headers have already been sent so...
is there any way to write html back to the response stream?
I don't mind changing class type to httpservlet.
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Use getWriter, not getOutputStream and you won't have a problem.
(the jsp's implicit out variable is a wrapper (indirectly) for response.getWriter - and you cannot call both getWriter and getOutputStream without throwing an exception (according to the specs))
Think I misinterpreted your question.

Have you tried increasing the buffer in the jsp page (thereby giving your action and itext more chance of altering the headers before they are written)
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I think you will need to write a servlet, not a Struts action to do this task...
MitchBroadheadAuthor Commented:
ideally i would like to output to the http stream without headers, to allow the html to be embedded into the page
MitchBroadheadAuthor Commented:

used ByteArrayOutputStream to store the output of itext htmlwriter, then usedbaos.toString() to pump into response.getWriter().
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