what does this file mean in my system files [mydoc~1]

I have a couple of these files and I don't no what they mean

I am running windows 98

What do i do with them?
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not that I kown of none of mine do
[progra~1] = the Program files folder
[mydoc~1} = the My Documents folder
Don't deleted these folders
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Are you sure they're files and not folders (directories)?  

The DOS 8.3 names for the 'My Documents' & 'Program Files' folders are what you seem to be seeing.

As long as they are folders, what you do is keep them.  

If they really are files, come back and report here.


Greg54Author Commented:
I don't know if they are files or folders.
they are in my c:\
I have several with brackets and i don't know why that is
I recently formated and reinstalled windows98
and I have brackets around mydocu~1, windows, programs
just to mention a few.
how do i determine if they are folders or files?
Delete them to the recycle bin and see what haapens. I am not sure what the heck they are. But since they don't seem to be folderss I bet they are sofe to delete.

Greg54Author Commented:
I only see them in DOS when I do a Dir at the C:\
so if I delete them they probably won't go to the recycle bin?
Do you have a folder name program folders and my documents if os then thes [] would seem an abomination of some sort unless your system is loding it Compatibiit mode which in case you have driver problems.

Below is the directory of my pc... the file mention below are folders and they are created by the system during installation of win98.. don't delete them...

Using antivirus with lastest update and scan for virus...

My Document and Program file are system folders leave them.. they are not harmful.. they supporting folders...
in that progra~1 is the system folders... where installed program make there folders... don't delete them..



 Volume in drive C is WIN98
 Volume Serial Number is 136C-1EF4
 Directory of C:\

[081003]        [AGEOFE~1]      [BACKUP]        [BACKUP~1]      [BACKUP~2]
[BCA]           [CD]            [CDODFDE]       [CDODPDE]       [CDODPDE1]
[CDO_DE]        [DATACA~1]      [DATAMA~1]      [DBCLEAN]       [DOWNLOAD]
[DOWNLO~1]      [MONITO~1]      [MYDOCU~1]      [MYMUSI~1]      [NEETA]
[OV-01]         [PACKAGE]       [PATCHES]       [PROGRA~1]      [RMBSDE]
[SCWIN]         [SMART]         [SYBEX]         [TURBOC]        [WINDOWS]
IAM.LOG         IDBI_I~1.ICO    INF.LOG         IPLIST.TXT      NAV10ESD.EXE
        26 file(s)     42,824,787 bytes
        31 dir(s)        6,140.05 MB free
Those in brackets ARE folders! Don't delete them.

All files in Windows98 who have longer filename than 8 characters will be shown as ~1 to make it shorter in DOS who doesn't support filename longer than 8.

I think you can safely delete them if you are viewing them in windows. Just make sure you delete them to the Recyled bin jus in case.
If you delete progra~1, it will remove all the programs installed on the computer. Basically, it's the same as deleting the "Program Files" from Windows.

Same for mydocu~1, it's "My Documents".

Of course, if you're sure whatever is inside is not important, then you can delete it. Though doing it through DOS will not move the file to the Recycle Bin. It will be gone for good.

To be sure about it, do a "dir /p" you will get something like that instead:

progra~1      03/30/2004  08:55       <DIR>          Program Files

<DIR> mean it's a folder

At the end of the line you get the "long" name of the folder, Program Files in this case.

I would not use DOS to delet these files. If while you are in windows and you see these things delete them.
Greg54Author Commented:
ok I did the dos/p to see the files
I have 3 that are listed [~1]
this way
is there a reason they are listed this way?
DO NOT DEALEAT THEM Sorry to get hyper about this. As people have mentioned above, if your are in the dos mode, dos will not allow more than 8 characters for a folder name. For example, If you see in Windows Explorer, under program files, there will be many programs in brackets. Some shportened. For example program files folder you will see as (progra~1) As can be seen it has 8 characters. In the dos mode as several have said you can only have 8 characters. Now for fun when you care in dos mode do the following:
Go to Dos mode through Windows.
C:\windows is the default Notice windows is spelled out completely because it has 7 letters.
Now: type cd..
hit Enter
Type Dir /w/o/p
You will see all the folders in alphabetical order. The bulk is under (progra~1)
Now Change Directories
type cd progra~1 and Enter
type Dir /w /o /p
Now all the programs wil be listed with 8 characters or less. These are not dos programs they are Windows programs. Now in XP dos is not involved and it is a new ball game.
Now write down a few programs in brackets that have ~1 as an ending.
Type Exit and enter to get out of DOS.
Now go to Windows Explorer and click on Program Files.
This was the main folder that looked like Progra~1
Now look for files that when all characters are used in Windows start out with the first 6 letters of some of the folders you wrote down in DOS.

Thus you will see they are actual windows programs!


Type EXIT out of Dos.

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