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Replication issue

jfpeter asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
First off, I know very little about Lotus Notes.  I work as a network administrator for an insurance agency and one laptop has a Lotus Notes account with an outside company and we access intra-company e-mail through Notes via our broad band connection over a VPN setup by the outside company.  I am trying to replicate the e-mail messages to the local drive so that the user can read messages when away from the office.  The user has over 4 years worth of messages saved in the Inbox, and various folders he created.  When I try to replicate, it looks as though a bunch of messages do successfully replicate, but there are quite a few that do not.

I have tried creating a fresh replica using settings that capture all messages in all of the desired folders with no "newer than" date, and no restriction on size, but some of these messages do not get replicated.  I can't even seem to find anything that they have in common.

Is there a permission based flag that can be on a particular mail message that in essence prevents the replication from occuring? This is Notes R5 BTW.


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Maybe what you are getting is right number of documents but the replicator is goofing the count

Check this bug report.. http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=899&uid=swg21092367



gwaletee - I checked the Replication Settings, and everything looks as you suggest.
Hemanth - I can cerify that there are docs actually missing, it's not just the count.

Funny thing is that the docuements aren't in any specific block of datetime range - they are all over the place.

I did a database copy, and that seems to have done the trick - the nsf file is about twice as large and seems to have everything in it - the only downside is that everything is marked as unread.  Not a big deal though.
Check your log.nsf in local and it might have some clues on why it missed the documents

When you say you did a database copy, are you talking about...
1) an operating system-level copy (DOS prompt, Explorer, or the like)?
2) or, File -> Database -> New Copy? or,
3) File -> Replication -> New Replica?

If you did 2, destroy it.  It won't be able to synchronize with the server if it is not a replica copy.


qwaletee - I did a File->Database->New Copy.  I realize it won't be able to synchronize in the future.  This isn't really for that purpose though - it's just to get a copy of everything from that user's saved mail messages onto another machine that has Notes, but will never connect with the server.  Kind of a historical view from today and going backward.  Because of a business decision, there isn't a need to do this again in the future - this is a one time only thing.
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