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need to get the centre points of lots of circles!

kwaoc asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-06
Hi folks,
What i am using is autocad lite.
I have a dxf file with lots of circles on it. The centre point of the circles arent present and I need to get each one, so i have to click on each one, get the centre and do the next!! there are hundreds of circles and takes forever!!!
Anyone have any suggestions for me to automate/speed up the process?
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One thing you can do is to make a LISP procedure that can automate that...BUT
unfortunately, you are using AutoCAD Lite.  And AutoCAD Lite DOES NOT support these functions,
plugins and customized automation.  That is why it was called Lite in the first place.  

But if you are using the full AutoCAD...then customization is no problem.


these are the things  I tried:
 select all, tried to snap to centre point, but that wouldnbt work.
That is basically what i want to do, snap to centre of each circle. I did  Quick select > entire drawing > object type was circle > then select all. I chose existing and new but it never worked.
I see there was an option to run script... is this a vb script?
Anyway, I am at a stop here.
any more help would be greatly appreciated
In AutoCAD it could either be  LISP or VB but
I am not familiar of the extensible usage of AutoCAD LT.  All  I know is that it has the
basics of drafting but that's it.  No extras...like
what I said above.  

What version of LT are you using anyway?

You know, you could always drop by Autodesk's
discussion groups to check on this.

Here's link that goes directly to that product's


I hope you'll find that place more helpful.


Hi, I am using autocad lt 2002!!
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thanks for the help, gonna close this question
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