Arriving Email not triggering notification

Outlook 2000 on win2k machine.  WHen a new email is sent, it doesnt show up in the list and no notification is triggered.  Send receive button doesnt do it, but if you click on any other email in the inbox, then the email comes in and triggers the new email notification.  
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Using Outlook in an exchange environment?  Do you receive your email from a pop account or exchange?
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
Exchange 2000, soon to be 2003.  same behavior occurs from pop3 as well as exchange account.  This is only happening on one particular client machine.  Tried reinstalling Outlook, but no effect.  
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You may want to try one of the suggestions here:

>>>This is only happening on one particular client machine.
What specifically is different about that machine than others? Firewall, OS, anything?
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
Machine in same domain, same switch, same OS, in same location as all others.  Can't find anything different about it.  
Hello all, IDPInc have you resolved this problem? I too have the same issue. Have done off and on for years.
Normally resolved by rebuild - I am sure it was a MFC dll that some other install overwrites but I can't find that info now.
If you have a resolution please advise so I can give it a try.
I will also keep looking and post if one is found.

Thanks in advance
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