SQL CE in VB.Net Error!

I am trying to create an application for a Pocket pc using vb.net. When I deploy the application to the emulator I get the error

Unknown connection option in connection string provider

THis is the code

Dim LocalConnection As String = "Provider=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.OLEDB.CE.2.0;Data Source=\My Documents\invDB.sdf"
 Dim dbConn As New SqlCeConnection(LocalConnection)

I have sql server developer editoin installed as well as SQL server CE 2.0

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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To resolve this problem, copy the files from the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE\Device\x86\I486 folder instead of the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE\Device\x86\Emulation folder.
I use something like this

            strProgramPath = "\Storage Card\kbb"
            strLocalDatabaseFile = strProgramPath & "\KBBdb.sdf"

            strLocalConnString = "Data Source=" & strLocalDatabaseFile
            ' Create SQL Server CE connection object.
            cn = New SqlCeConnection(strLocalConnString)
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Try removing provider option
JonMnyAuthor Commented:
none of these options work, I cannot leave out the provider it just gives me an error, the link used the exact same provider string that I did.
JonMnyAuthor Commented:
please give me a refund
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